Friday, January 13, 2012

MM!: Mio (Bonus)

Ok...killing two birds with one stone this time tackling one of the backlog of posts that I've really been looking forward to posting for a long time and knocking off one of the girls from my New Years Resolution Hitlist at the same time. ^_^ To top it off it's a really cute dominant blond girl as well. ^_^ Enjoy everyone!!

(A couple of webfinds but most of these are from the MM! anime episode 7. A massive Thank You to Why_Zee_Ex for finding and capping this series. Awesome man!!)

This is another anime that I haven't had the chance to watch yet and looking over these caps again...I'm really regreting it. From what I've been told, the anime is a fetishist gold mine addressing a wide variety of different fetishes. Mio (as the caps above would attest) seems like the perfect character for fans with submissive fans like myself. (The male lead in the anime is a submissive/masochist too). She is really into domination and there is at least one scene where she uses her feet to dominate the main character. ^_^

In addition to sending in the material for this bonus...Why_Zee_Ex sent in a great description and review of the anime summarizing really giving the details about what the series has to offer so I'll post that too.

Why_Zee_Ex Commentary:
MM! is an amazing anime in many ways. The main character, Sado Tarou, is a mega masochist and goes to the 2nd Volunteering Club for a cure. There he meets the sadistic Mio, and the quiet and androphobic (scared of men and will punch you if you touch her) Yuuno Arashiko. Thus ensues one of the funniest anime of all time. Episodes consist of wacky and very strange methods of curing Tarou's masochism. Both girls develop a massive crush on our hero and go about getting his attention in various violent or sweet ways. Oh by the way, EVERY character on the show has a disorder. Be it a lesbian, lolicon, cosplay obsession, or even crossdressing, it has it all. Just missing a foot fetish:) I found myself favoring Arashiko over Mio because dominant, angry, violent chicks aren't my thing, but I think these pics will be like Christmas all over for anyone who does! In this episode particularly, Tarou gets his face stepped on by BOTH main characters' feet with close-ups. Prepare to die of nosebleed. And then watch MM! You won't regret it!

:-D I'm probably going to hunt down some episodes of the series after finishing this post. ^_^

One of great things about MM! is that other women in the series go barefoot too and Why_Zee_Ex capped them as well so you can expect to see a couple of follow ups to this post as well. ^_^

Ok I have been working on a lot over the past week and I just wanted to keep you guy updated a little. I have started on both the Chun Li post and the new set of writing spotlights. January has been a really good month writing wise and I've been seeing a lot of really great chapters lately so it looks like it will probably be a megapost. ^_^ I'm also continuing with the site updates and have testing a couple of new features and layouts to try here. So far a lot of them seem to test out well and I'm looking forward to incorporating them into the blog. ^_^ I've also been trying to work on some new story chapters too but that has been really slowgoing. Hopefully I will be able to finish a storyline next week. For the scavenger hunters however I did add a new hidden Comic Book Interactive Trophy to the story in honor of Friday the 13th. That one is probably really hard to find though. You'll need a S.H.I.E.L.D. member to track it down. ;-D Good luck!

Ok guys...that's basically all for tonight. Check one tribute off the hit list...29 more to go. ^_^


  1. Nice work dude!I love the screen caps of this post! Especially the humor to them! I don't think feet will help cure the poor man's masochism fetish; if anything it will make it worse because there is nothing better than feeling the beautiful bare foot of a mistress trampling over a masochist's body! Lol, keep it up dude! Also, be prepared to check out my blog soon! You're gift is ready!

  2. Thanks Heretichero. ^_^

    :-D I really need to see this series. Hee's totally true. A sure way to ensure that someone stays a masochist is have a beautiful woman dominate him with her feet. ^_^

    O_O Ok...I'll keep an eye out for it. ^_^

  3. Its up now! I know you are gonna love it!

  4. Wow...I just saw it Heretichero. ^_^ Thank you so much for it. It was really a spectacular present. ^_^

  5. I drooled at these Caps :D

    Yep...this anime if officially on my must watch list.

    I wonder if she could try to cure my scissor fetish ;)

  6. :-D Something tells me whatever she tries wouldn't be too effective on you Breakthewalls. ^_^

  7. Even though I don't watch very much anime anymore, I have to give them credit. They always supply us with delicious female feet.

  8. I hate that masochist's goofy face!!! Smash it in Mio!!! but nice post. I like the second to last pic. It's just that this anime was too painful to watch for me. Sado's masochist side is so over the top, it's just too silly. I hope you like the series better than I did.

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  10. She does have a cute roles of toes I have seen, I don't mind giving her feet a massage

    And here's some links of the new Phineas and Ferb episode taking place in the caveman era, we get to see cave versions of Candace, Stacy, and Isabella running around barefoot and Cave Isabella wiggles her toes next to a warm fire.

  11. :-) Yeah Unknown...these type of domination scenes in particular seem much more likely to appear in anime than other mediums. ^_^

    :-D Heh heh it does look they exaggerate his masochism for comedic effect Richfeet. I can only imagine how much how much Mio's dominant personality must be amped up in this anime too. ^_^ I guess depending on what jokes there are...this type of comedy can be hit and miss. I'll see how it goes. ^_^

    It does look like it would be fun to massage her feet Shadowmandude. ^_^ :-D O_O Thanks very much for the episode too. Cave girl outfits and toe wiggling is really hot. ^_^

  12. God d... how come you always manage to sneak in the updates of shows I like in the gaps when I don't check this place? Arrgh!!

    There's some good kicking/stomping moments throughout the series, pretty much all instigated by Mio, and lots of which didn't get any pictures in this post.

    The token genius Noa (who didn't appear nearly enough) also has a decent scene in her introductory episode, and Shizuka the crazy brocon also gets a nice closeup or two in the episode where they plan to scare off Arashiko.

    If I recall, the fanservice DVD extras also had some decent foot views, so look out for those.

  13. O_O Thanks for letting me know about the scenes Veroom. I'll try to find them. Have to try to get my hands on the DVD extras.

    I'm probably going to post some more caps from episode 7 tomorrow. I'll definitely try to do some more follow ups to these girls in the future as well. :-D

  14. WOOT! I forgot I even capped this one. Good times...

  15. :-D Thanks again for these Why_Zee_Ex. It was really an awesome find. ^_^

  16. Good news guys...I found the DVD extras...I'll try to get some scenes from them. ^_^

  17. Ah, so it's Why_Zee_Ex I should be thanking for this.

    Thank you Why_Zee_Ex!

  18. Yeah he really did an amazing job with this series. Thanks very much for all the comments Cyberchao. ^_^