Monday, January 23, 2012

MM!: Noa Hiiragi

Continuing with the MM! is a to the series' student genius Noa Hiiragi. ^_^

Noa's socks actually take up a large part in her debut episode where she take them off in an effort to seduce the lead character (Sado Tarou). ^_^

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from the anime. The Caps are from episode 7 and the DVD special features. Massive thank yous to both Veroom and Why_Zee_Ex for tipping me off to and capping scenes from the series. ^_^)

Noa Hiiragi runs the inventor's club in Sado's school. She has a 200 level IQ and creates a lot of zany inventions among them giant robots, belts that collect and channel perverted energy into power, a growth serum and a device that would turn the worlds population into perverts. Despite being a senior in the school and older then Sado herself, she looks younger than she actually is. Because of her intelligence her parents made her focus on her studies and hasn't had a lot of interaction with other people making her have a somewhat child like personality. She loves playing games and is really looking for people to be friends with her.

Sadly, Noa's appearances in the anime are pretty limited but she has really good scenes and memorable moments and she seems to be pretty popular among fans of the series. She is a really cute and sweet character and fun to watch.

Ok guys...that will do it for now. More MM girls still to come. ^_^


  1. I'm still catching up. ^_^ I'll try to finish the MM! girls this week. :-)

  2. could you remove that one pic. that guy makes us foot fetishists look like creeps

  3. The sock sniffing one? Heh's just a parody but I'll remove it. ^_^

  4. Who's this guy? He's one lucky mofo XD

    Great work man

  5. The lead in the series is named Sado Tarou Breakthewalls. Sado the Masochist lol. :-D Yeah...he really seems to luck out in this one. :-D

  6. please post sakura haruno new feet scenes xD

  7. :-D Definitely Caca. ^_^ I'm in the process of compiling a megabonus for her that I'm hoping to post soon. ^_^

  8. Noa's awesome, and largely wasted in a cast of other awesome girls XD

    Quite sad to think about all the series that have no girls I'm interested in, and this one has at least four. Talk about a bad spread.

  9. :-D I really like the cute inventor as well. ^_^

    Have to give it to this anime's creator for giving it such a great cast. ^_^

  10. Holy.


    This is incredible. All of the fetishes wrapped up into a single character...I think I need to make finding a stream of this anime a high priority.

    Brilliant work.

  11. Thanks Cyberchao. ^_^

    :-D Yeah they really managed to tie in a lot of fetishes into this series. ^_^

    ^_^ I hope you enjoy watching it.