Monday, May 6, 2013

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (Bonus)

Picking up where I left off before my is a tribute to Chun Li's movie counterpart. Sadly the movie doesn't show Chun Li with her footwear off but her actress Kristin Kreuk does go barefoot while training for the role and in some of the promotional material pictures. These set of images were originally intended to be part of the Chun Li mega post I did last year but I couldn't get ahold of the DVD to cap them in time. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure here they are...

(You can find all of these in the special features and behind the scenes features of the Street Fighter the Legend of Chun Li  DVD ^_^)

I had a lot of trouble capping the training scenes. Like the character she plays, Kristin winds up moving her feet so quickly that all you can often catch is the blur of her soles or glimpse of her toes as she kicks, jumps and flips around. :-)

The Legend of Chun Li movie tends to get a lot of hate from film critics. It got like an 18/100 percent on the review site Rotten Tomatoes. The score is not completely undeserved, I like Kristin Kreuk and the Street Fighter series a lot but the film tends to be pretty mediocre especially when you compare it to some of the really good Street Fighter based material out there. (It really pales in comparison to the Street Fighter animated movie, Street Fighter V and the Udon comic book series.) I still liked the film better than the original live action Street Fighter movie though. The new film did have some good action scenes, an ok storyline, and some pretty decent acting. I think the people working on the film really did try to make a good film (Kristin was training very very hard) but it just felt like there was something missing.

Being a Smallville fan I have a soft spot for Kristin Kreuk so I was really hoping that she would have a good barefoot moment in the film. Unfortunately we don't get to see anything like the Chun Li vs Vega animated fight but the special features were definitely a really big treat for me. Hopefully I'll post Kristen again in the future maybe doing a tribute to her Smallville character.

Ok a little bit of news and announcements. As you guys probably noticed, I've been updating the layout of the site. I'll try to continue tweaking and improving it taking any feedback you guys give me into account.We also have some new posters joining our blogging team so stay tuned for posts from them too. All of them are really good. ^_^ Two of them Melroser76 and Actionpacked247 posted their first entries over the weekend.

Also Atomic Chinchilla one of the regular visitors and contributors here mentioned that he was accepting commisions. You can visit his Deviant Art page for more information.

Match25 (our resident Master of Sole Shots) has also started a new DA group Just Female Soles

Ok I think that is everything for now. Have a great day everyone. ^_^


  1. I see you changed the Layout. LoCL Sucked,so it doesn't matter.

    1. Yeah I changed up my colors and fonts a bit. :-D I'll continue to tweak it.

      :-D I strive for completion. If I get a chance to post any scene involving Chun Li's feet in the mainstream media I will. ^_^

  2. Yeah, I haven't really heard anything good about this movie. XD But at least you got something out of the behind the scenes features. :)

    And thanks for plugging my commissions! ^__^

    1. :-D I just wish that they gave her a barefoot scene in the film too.

      No problem...Good luck with your artwork. ^_^

  3. Awesome post dude!! I'm glad to see that we got some more live feet pics on here. Very good find. Yeah, Legend of Chun-Li didn't really do the Street Fighter series justice and it did lack a lot in story. But hey, we got this. Nice post man. I'm loving the new layout. Its nice to see everything in brighter colors now.