Sunday, May 12, 2013

Digimon Fusion: Akari Hinomoto

Akari acts as Xros Heart's peacemaker, often cheering on the backup members of the team in battle and forming a special bond with Cutemon.


  1. Hi there, I featured the last pic here on http://AnimeFeet/Akari and linked back to here as source. The rest I am putting on http://AnimeBaths/Akari_Hinomoto since they depict bathing. Hope that is okay.

    There's so much great material here I would love to organize it in wiki format as well as blog.

  2. Nice find man. Is this a new Digimon series? The animation here looks pretty up to date in comparison to the old show. Is this a Japan only series?

    Nice post dude. Keep up the good work. You seem to have an eye for catching stuff we don't always know about.

    1. It came out a couple of years ago I believe. It's coming to America this year and will air on Nickelodeon.