Friday, May 17, 2013

Anime Feet Hit List: Christie Monteiro

Alright, this one i posted a long time ago and she was on KSC's hit list so I'm reposting her. From the wonderful universe of the Tekken series, meet Brazilian capoeira babe Christie Monterio!!!

Christie takes a lot of joy in her art style taught to her by her grandfather and finds capoeira to be her passion alongside her love interest Eddie Gordo. When her grandpa got sick, both she and Eddie joined the King of Iron Fist Tournament to get money for surgery but their efforts were in vain and Eddie became another lap dog for the notorious Jin Kazama. Christie has a lot to burden with the death of her mentor and chasing her love interest, but she doesn't let any of it damper her spirits enough to end the passion and rhythm of her dancing.

That covers one girl on the hit list. I'll be sure to continue Tomboy Attack really soon. Thanks for your support guys. I hope you liked this post.


  1. Good to see her again! :) What's not to love about Christie? Nothing, that's what.

  2. Oddly enough she is not in my top favorite from the series. I have always liked Asuka and had not really paid much attention to Tekken intill i seen the official art on the Tekken 5 page and seen then 2nd would be Xiaoyu, Jun, Zafina and Heihachi/Miharu :)

    not that i dont like her art and such i see of her just never did like the character

  3. I really like Christie...she actually helped me discorver my two fetishes lol. Besides, what can you not love about a sexy Latina!

  4. I spent SOOO much money (even as a mid-30 year old) playing this character JUST to see how many moves she could make with her feet! I was strangely envious of every guy she defeated!
    While I normally commission cartoon girls for pictures, I would consider a Christie vs. Momoko footjob picture at some point! They join Toph, Ed, and Koalla Su in my list of Favorite Barefoot Girls I want to be trampled on by!

  5. Excellent choice of character to post and nice pics in general.

  6. :-D Awesome Heretichero. Christie totally rules!! She's my favorite character in Tekken to play as just because her capoeira style pwns all and she is awesome to watch in action.