Thursday, May 16, 2013

Momoko (King of Fighters)

Ok...Knocking off another girl from the Hit List, here is a tribute to Momoko a cute capoeira fighter from the King of Fighter videogame series.

(Various webfinds from around the internet)

My knowledge of the King of Fighter's videogame series is limited but Momoko seems like a really cool character. She's cheerful upbeat and sweet but at the same time she's an incredibly skilled fighter. Despite how cute her feet look, she could probably easily knock you out with them. The Capoeira fighting style really has provided us with some beautiful barefoot girls to stare at. Between this girl, Elena and Christie, it hard not to associate this Brazilian martial art with sexy tan female feet. In addition to an awesome array of powerful Capoeira moves at her disposal,  Momoko being a psycho soldier also has some powerful psychic attacks available to her as well. A lot of her moves are given musical names which makes sense given that the Capoeira fighting style is associated with dance. Needless to say she's fun to watch in action. ^_^

If you guys are interested, you can download all of the frames involving Momoko's sprite at the Spriters Resource website here:
They are very small but they show all of Momoko's movements in detail including some awesome barefoot attacks.

The inspiration for this bonus came from a top 20 barefoot girl list Shadowmandude introduced me to by Darkwarrior.
Once I saw the Momoko shot...I instantly began hunting for her. It was a coincidence that I noticed she was on the Hit list too. Speaking of which, this officially knocks off the tenth girl on the list. Only 20 left to go and on that note...more to come soon!


  1. I was always more a Street Fighter guy, but wow, she's adorable! XD She's like Toph and Street Fighter's Sakura rolled into one. Great post!

    1. :-D Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. I like Street Fighter too. ^_^ A Toph/Sakura combination is a fun way to describe her.

  2. Never was much of a KOF fan but with the addition of KOF 13 to PSN Plus i have some fun with it and a few of the charters only team i played a lot with was The Ikari Team at the time i was a free 30 trial from Sony and spent most of it playing Borderlands now that i have a year sub i haven't went back to it...just wasn't as much fun as a SF game even if i that was the first fighting game i played in over 15 years lol

    Momoko reminds me of the barefoot girl from Pokemon but i doubt she not even close to being as good at fighting as Momoko is

    1. :-D I haven't had a chance to play the KOF series myself.

      O_O I didn't think of that but now that you mention it she does remind me of Maylene. Especially the third picture where she has a similar pose to this image of the pokemon gym leader.

    2. Yep thats her name and oddly enough it wasn't so much the pose of the 3rd picture as it was the pants that mad me think of maylene

    3. Oh yeah...they pants is similar. :-)

  3. Momoko is really cute. Not too many Japanese gals practice Caporia, especially cute girls like Momoko :D

    As far as KoF, I'm not a mega fan of it. Not because I think it's bad or anything, it was more like I never had a super interest in it (thought I do like a lot of the characters from the series)

    1. :-D Thanks Breakthewalls. It is really fun to see a Japanese girl use that style.

      ^_^ Yeah the same for me. This is one of these series where the fighters from the game look cool but it tends to be overshadowed by other series.