Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shaman King: Anna

Just wanted to get another one of KSC's hit list check off.

Apathetic girls FTW.


  1. I'm not very big on the art style. To me, it looks kinda like her feet are stunted or swollen. :/ But it's just personal preference.

  2. Awesome! Anna has the type of personality that I like. She's very dominating and has been known to trample other characters in the series. Shaman King was a great anime.

    Anyway check another girl off the hitlist. Good work Bambino!!

  3. So happy to see you're back.
    Take a look at your email when you can please.

  4. Hi its Bradman my blog AnimeGirlFeetBlog has been deleted or something so here's the link to my new:

  5. Goddamn she was such a bitch.I hated her so much. Nice post dude. Glad to see you got someone off the check list.