Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Venture Bros. - Princess Tiny Feet

Alright!  My first post as a contributor!  I hope you all enjoy it!

Princess Tiny Feet is Sgt. Hatred's estranged wife. She appears to be a stereotypical Native American woman by her manner of dress. Her most remarkable feature, aside from her resemblance to the Land O' Lakes Indian maiden, appears to be her exceptionally small feet, which Sgt. Hatred seems to fetishize.

 Hank Venture doesn't seem to share that fetish.


  1. Good to see you're a contributor now.

    It's a shame we never see Triana's feet.

    1. Thanks! Yeah Triana's awesome. I wanna see her feet too.

  2. I remember seeing this. Great scene, and hilarious. XD Nice first post!

  3. Great first post Action. That Native american princess is really cute. Thank you for posting her. ^_^

  4. ROFL!!! God I loved this scene!! Hank was all WTF when it happened out of nowhere. Nice post man. Great scene you caught. I was actually slightly grossed out by this simply because of the thought that this was happening in a public setting. I'm all for couples engaging in whatever fetishes they like, but at a wedding is the worst place to do it. Need to have some decency in front of the in-laws