Monday, May 27, 2013

My Neighbor Totoro: Satsuki Kusakabe

One of Miyazaki's most adorable characters.


  1. She and her sister are pretty damn adorable. I love this movie!

  2. Great movie, lovely caps, I'm just having some conflicting feelings about seeing girls this young even in animation on here

  3. I've seen this film its awesome!!!

  4. I've never seen this movie, and given my opinions of Miyazaki in general I'm probably never going to. But these girls are cute. :)

    1. You don't like Miyazaki? Why?

    2. I coulda sworn somebody asked me this here before a long time ago. XD Anyway, Miyazaki just rubs me the wrong way. So many of his movies have anvilicious environmental messages and I despise preachy environmental movies that praise the perfection of nature while vilifying the whole of humanity. The worst offender of that would be Nausicaa. I also don't like how there's never really a strong sense of good and evil in his movies; everything is just morally relative. Now, in certain movies you don't really need that, and that's fine. But in movies like Nausicaa, Howl's Moving Castle, and Spirited Away, there is a clear antagonistic character working against the hero; yet in all three of those movies the antagonist is never treated with the gravitas of a proper villain. They're just nuisances in the long run. And in each of those movies the antagonist does something horrible to the hero or someone the hero cares about, and in each movie the antagonist receives little to no comeuppance of any kind. That is a huge peeve of mine.

      And also (admittedly this is very biased) I just don't like his art style of drawing people. :P So all of these things accumulate and I see them just about every time I try to watch a Miyazaki movie, to the point that he has forever put a bad taste in my mouth whenever he comes up and I have no wish to see a single movie of his. :\

  5. :-D Miyazaki totally rules. Great post Bambino!!

  6. Superb movie. I loved the shoe-removal scenes during this movie. First, she finally kicks off her shoes to start moving their stuff into the house. The other one was when she was running to find her sister, and he sandals started hurting her.
    Even their bi-pedal method of stomping the clothes clean was a bit thrill!

  7. That is just too cute! I miss these old Miyazaki titles! I gotta add them to my collection.