Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kusai Ashi 臭い足 Vol. 0 - New Beginning!

Hey guys! It's been a while, indeed, but I'm back and will now be fully contributing to Anime Feet and adapting my previous blog into a feature segment in this blog right here. Alas, the name, "Kusai Ashi". That's Japanese for "Smelly Feet" for the uninitiated.

Guess you could say I'll be focusing on not just anime and manga-based feet, but smelly anime and manga feet. Always have been more of a "smelly feet" kind of person though I'm always appreciative of feet in general. Especially smelly ninja feet, because ninja feet is a whole different class altogether, IMHO.

Nonetheless, starting today, you can expect some features on this site. While I do have my sights set on certain characters and topics, I'm always open to new things. So feel free to offer some ideas and suggestions on the comments below on what you guys might want to see. Characters? Artists? Blogs? Specials?

Also, as a bit of a shameless plug, feel free to check out these interactives as well if you want. Contributions are much welcome:

Smelly Ninja / Kunoichi Feet

Anime/Videogame Smelliest Feet Battle

Naruto Feet Stories

To my fellow contributors, more power to Anime Feet! Glad to be part of the site :)


  1. Smelly feet really aren't my thing. But good luck to you on your future posts. :)

    1. Thank you very much, greatly appreciated :) We all have our tastes, indeed. But hope you can join for the ride at least :D

  2. Welcome aboard Melroser. I'm really looking forward to your column. Hmm...I know that we chatted online already and I was trying to think of more characters to recommend for you. Besides the Kunoichi characters we were talking about (Naruto girls, Ayane, Ibuki,Taki) and female soldiers (Meryl and Scarlett from G.I. Joe), you might want to focus on characters who wear boots. Those are known to make the feet really hot and sweaty. For some reason Rachel from Ninja Gaiden just popped into my head.

    Thanks for sharing your interactives here too. Your writing is always a treat for me to read.:-D

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to write for your site! Well, we definitely have a lot discussed, and you know what the first post will be. :D

    2. :-D Really looking forward to it a lot. ^_^

  3. Nice contributes dude. I'm not a fan of smelly feet but good connections either way. Keep it up

    1. Thanks buddy, greatly appreciate it :D