Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anime Feet Hit List: Asuka Kazama

Alrighty, before I leave town for the fourth, I'm gonna knock another girl off the hit list who I have also been craving to see. Ms. Asuka Kazama from Tekken.

Asuka may appear to be your average tsundere always being as agressive as she is but there is more to her. Her father's a cop at the Osaka Police Department and she's inherited his sense of justice by taking the streets of her home town and taking out the gangs there, she's all for fighting and won't get scared off by any challenge, she's rivals/frienimies with Lili Rochefort another one of the lovely ladies of Tekken, and she has a still developing relation with Jin Kazama who may or may not be her cousin. I'm hoping that nothing romantic goes on between them personally because Asuka can do way better than Jin.
Anyways, here we got our tomboyish heroine of Tekken here ready to show off her feet. I hope you guys enjoy.

Not gonna lie, I got a fanboy crush on her. She's just so awesome!!


  1. O_O Awesome!!! Another character I can finally check off the list. Great Tribute Heretichero. ^_^ You really did an amazing job with her. :-D

  2. Awesome shots of this girl. Glad to see more stuff from you. :)

  3. Asuka Makoto and Ibuki you are making some amazing posts my friend :) and you are not along in the "Fan Boy Crush" department as i also enjoy any art/pics of her that i can come across