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KSC Gift Story: Asuka Kazama Tickle/Massage Story

KSC Gift Story: Asuka Kazama’s Romantic Massage

Asuka Kazama pedaled as fast as she could down the side walk. She didn't want to be late for her date. After all her efforts, Asuka began to slow down as she saw her destination, the beach. The teenage tomboy took the first entrance she saw and dismounted her bike. She then pushed her bike over to a tree that she loved to sit under and sat down under the shade of its branches. 

"Ugh, get me out of these shoes." Asuka said to herself as she pulled off her shoes. Asuka then grabbed the tops of her socks and pulled them off as if they were some sort of life sucking garment that she was forced to wear. Asuka let out a sigh of relief as she stretched her legs and indulged in the one feeling she loved the most, being barefoot. "Ah, so much better. My feet can breathe." 

Asuka lay back against the tree and closed her eyes to focus on the sounds of the ocean and all the things touching her feet. She felt the cool breeze pass between her toes, the gains of sand crashing against her soles and heels, and the warm beams of the sun beating down on her legs. It was so simple yet so heavenly for Asuka who loved nothing more than the sweet sensations she felt on her legs and feet. Asuka opened her eyes and looked down at her feet. She wiggled her toes for her own amusement and giggled. 

"Uh, I get so girly over this." Asuka laughed as she spread her beautiful, well-shaped, well-lengthened, and perfectly nailed toes. Asuka let out another sigh of relaxation as the wind passed through her toes drying the sweat. "I guess it can't be helped if my feet are the favorite part of my body." 

Ever since she was a little girl, Asuka Kazama, the teenage tomboy martial art extraordinaire, loved the shape and appearance of her feet, especially her toes. When she was still a novice learning martial arts, Asuka was always getting her face beat up which made her the victim of criticism from other girls for looking like a rough, trouble-making boy. Female teachers and other adult women would criticize her for being unladylike. When Asuka hit puberty the only thing she had then was boys coming in all directions to gawk at her breasts and curves without a care for what her face looked like though it was also quite beautiful. Asuka then looked at the rest of her body and came to appreciate the beauty of her feet for being the part of her body that was never injured in training and in her opinion were very feminine in size and appearance. No one ever noticed this like she did. No one noticed their size, shape, softness despite her training, beautiful appearance, or how they made the rest of her body stand out. Asuka secretly came to love this part of her body which made her love being barefoot even more. 

Even if Asuka had never come to admire the beauty of her feet, she always loved the feeling of being barefoot ever since she was a little girl. Her feet were sensitive and could feel everything when she let herself embrace what she was feeling. The temperatures of the sand on her soles, grass dry or wet between her toes, cool water either still as a lake, gently flowing like a stream, or rough like the ocean tide, even the simplicity of the air around her bare feet felt so good to her. Asuka felt so free when she was barefoot and loved every moment when she could strip herself of her dreaded, uncomfortable, restraining, and hot socks to let her feet breathe. Asuka wasn't the type of girl who fantasized about being a princess but the thought of being barefoot in a short, light spring dress with all the elements of nature beneath her feet made her picture herself as a sort of nymph living in eternal youth with all of her favorite feelings beneath her feet. The best part of this fantasy was that her boyfriend was also a spirit of nature like her who would love her and express it through the one thing that Asuka desired more than anything else, having her feet pampered and beautified. 

Oh how Asuka longed to be a girl just long enough to have a full foot pampering session. Asuka truly did appreciate the things that her boyfriend did for her feet, especially his foot massages, but she just wanted a little bit more. She wished she could get a professional foot massage at a salon despite how ticklish her feet were, though Asuka secretly liked having her feet tickled, and enjoy ever feeling to the last second. The only problem was that her reputation as a tomboy was on the line and none of the other girls would let her hear the end of it if they found out that the toughest tomboy in their class was actually girly enough to like having her feet pampered. She once considered faking an injury in her foot as an excuse to get a massage but if she did then the whole dojo would go to watch and then they would discover her ticklishness which was probably worse than being considered girly. Lilly would have a hay-day learning any of these things. 

The thing that Asuka desired the most out of her dream foot pampering session was having her feet decorated. If Asuka didn't have to worry about her reputation as a tomboy then she would love to indulge in having her toe nails painted and being able to wear anklets and toe rings. All the colors or better yet all the designs she would have on her perfectly shaped toe nails was innumerable. Her toes would be so much more beautiful and to have an anklet with some sort of martial art symbol, so she could show that she was still a tomboy while looking pretty, would make her feel so lovely and free. If she could wear a toe ring with an ivy pattern then her fantasy as a nymph could feel real. And then on the night of festival, wearing a kimono just a few inches short to show off her legs more while having all these things on her feet would make Asuka feel like a goddess or, dare she even think about it, a princess. 

Asuka from time to time would go beyond this fantasy to think of something she wasn't always brave enough think about or consider, foot fetishism. If her feet were in their plain bare beauty or decorated, if her boyfriend actually had a foot fetish, she would let him worship her beautiful feet. Asuka didn't know what it would feel like and she was nervous about both the feeling and being rejected by her boyfriend for it. She let the thought go and went back to the simpler thoughts. She looked down at her again with every fantasy coming back and began to blush until her date arrived. 

"You seem awfully happy right now." A handsome young man just a year older than Asuka said as he leaned against the tree while looking down at Asuka startling her a bit. "What were you thinking about?" 

"Oh!! KSC! You're here!" Asuka said with a smile as she got up and hugged her long time boyfriend. It felt so good to be in his arms. "I was just thinking about us and how much I missed you." 

"Really? It’s only been a day since we last saw each other." KSC said as he leaned over to kiss his beloved. He couldn't be happier with having her as a girlfriend. "Then again, I missed you too, a lot. Now we have the whole day and the entire spring break to spend together!" 

"I know! I've been looking forward to this all day!" Asuka said with a small bounce. Somehow when she was with KSC she was able to let go of her usual tomboyish self to be just a little girly. "So did you bring everything?" 

"You bet!" KSC said as he picked up a zipped up bag off the ground next to him. "Are you ready for this?" 

"Oh my God, you have no idea how long I have been dying for this all day!" Asuka said as she kicked up one leg and began to scrunch her toes to relieve some of the tension and tiredness in her feet. "I've been ready for this the moment I had to get out of practice after school and put those horrible socks back on! Massage my feet before I'm crippled by the exhaustion in them!" 

"Hehe, we better not waste time then!" KSC laughed as he walked with Asuka over to the nearby tide barrier wall to sit. "Believe me, I've been dying to get a chance to play with those pretty things again as much as I've been dying to see that pretty face of yours again with voice to match." 

"Stop it! You're making me blush!" Asuka laughed as she and KSC sat down. 

KSC opened his bag and laid out a large towel. Asuka sat down on one end with her legs stretched out while KSC sat at the other end. He brushed some of the sand off of Asuka's soles by hand then opened a bottle of water and poured it on her feet. Asuka sighed a deep sigh of relief as she felt the coolness of the water wash the sand off her feet. KSC took another towel and quickly dried off her feet. She was ready for her long awaited and long deserved foot massage! 

"Let's get started." KSC said with a grin. Asuka gave a big smile back and wiggled her toes in excitement. KSC picked up Asuka's right foot and then began to press on her heel with his thumbs. "Bottom up as always." 

Asuka took a deep breath and exhaled almost in ecstasy as KSC began to make circles on her heel. He then began to press a little harder with his thumbs and moved them up and down her heel in opposite directions making filling Asuka with a comfort sensation. He then moved up to her sole and pressed hard with his thumbs before making circles again. 

"Mmm, yes, right there, the sweet spot." Asuka said as she closed her eyes back and leaned her head back in relaxation while taking another breathe with more ecstasy than the first."Ahhh, feels so good. Stay there for a while, my soles have had it worst today." 

KSC did as Asuka asked and began to make side pressing motions on her sole while dragging his thumbs back. He then did half circles at the bottom of her sole pushing out. This caused Asuka to spread her toes in desire for more. KSC smiled knowing that Asuka was really enjoying his massage and that she was happy with him. He then moved to the ball of her foot repeating the method that he had used on Asuka's heel. Asuka still sighed relief but the ball wasn't entirely sore so it only felt good rather than great. Asuka took this moment to lean forward and kiss her beloved on the forehead for being so sweet. As she leaned back she grinned out of love and soon broke into a huge smile as KSC moved to her first and biggest sweet spot and favorite massage spot, her toes. 

 "Ready to feel great?" KSC said as he looked up at Asuka with a small grin before looking back down to admire the beauty of Asuka's toes. Oh the things he fantasized about doing to them right now. 

"I'm ready to feel great, I'm ready to feel amazing!" Asuka said as she gave her boyfriend the biggest smile yet while wiggling her toes. Asuka giggled in happiness of what was coming, nothing was better than the feeling of her toes being massaged. This made Asuka completely lose her tomboyish complexion and say what seemed to be to the most out of character thing anyone could hear from her. "Start from the cutest toe to the prettiest!" 

"So smallest to biggest then?" KSC said as he took one hand and began to make his fingers dance on the tops of Asuka's toes to tease her excitement. Asuka wiggled her toes more and giggled louder as she played along with her boyfriend's fingers. 

"You got it!" Asuka said with a smile as she calmed herself so KSC could start. 

"Alright then, let's not keep these beauties waiting!" KSC said with excitement as he dragged his thumb under the base of Asuka's toes while hiding a perverted smile. Asuka's toes were KSC's favorite part of Asuka's feet and if she knew and was comfortable with the fact that he had a foot fetish, he would love nothing more than to suck on them ever so sweetly. "How's that?" 

KSC dragged his thumb one last time underneath the base of Asuka's toes before taking Asuka's pinkie toe in his thumb and pointer finger and began twisting it gently. He then let go of Asuka's foot to hold back her toe while running his finger up her pinkie toe. Asuka was extremely relaxed but at the same time the excitement from the sensation in her toes was filling her with energy. 

 "Ah! Wonderful!" Asuka said in joy. Her toes were most sensitive and the feeling of KSC's fingers not only relaxed her but also filled her with ecstasy. "Mmmm! More! More!" 

KSC continued on with this before running his pinkie finger between her toes, Asuka's favorite feeling through her feet. Asuka held her head up with her eyes closed completely caught in the sensation she was feeling. Nothing got to Asuka more than feeling things go between her toes. What Asuka liked most about this was that it slightly tickled her. If KSC's fingers were softer, or better yet if he had a feather to drag between them, it would tickle more and Asuka could actually laugh at the feeling. KSC continued to twist, rub, and slide between Asuka's toes until he ended with her big toe. He then picked up Asuka's right foot and, doing something quite unexpected which had never done before in his massages, kissed the top of Asuka's foot signifying his completion of the massage. 

"How was part one?" KSC asked. He held Asuka's right while gently rubbing it for further comfort and for his own enjoyment. 

"Perfect." Asuka answered as she leaned forward and kissed her boyfriend on the lips. As Asuka leaned back, she and KSC took the moment just to look into each other's eyes lovingly thinking of how lucky they were to have each other. They couldn't be happier together. "I'm ready to for the next foot now unless you want to pet that one for a while longer. I don't mind one foot getting extra attention!" 

"It’s okay. They are both equally soft and pretty so I'm gonna start right away on the left." KSC said as he picked up Asuka's left foot. Asuka blushed hearing KSC's comment on her feet. "And here we go again, bottom to top and cutest to prettiest!" 

KSC repeated the pattern he used on Asuka's right foot on her left. Asuka went through the same sensations and thoughts as she did her right foot with renewed ecstasy. It was as if she was as if the massage had started all over again. Asuka now took the moment to really meditate and indulge in the experience knowing that her boyfriend was going to repeat the same amazing job as he did her right foot. The feelings he put into massaging her, the physical sensations that were vibrating through her being, and the fact it was all happening to the favorite part of her body made Asuka feel loved and at the same time felt a sexual turn on arousing in it. Asuka loved her boyfriend and she loved what she did for her. She didn't care about wealth, status, and was willing to compromise with a boy who wasn't as good a fighter as her if he had good looks, which KSC did, all she wanted in a man was a devoted heart and someone who was willing to pamper her feet. So long as she could live happily and faithfully with a man who could express his love everyday my massaging her feet, Asuka was satisfied. Asuka quickly became disheartened as she remembered how everyone would react if to this. It was no secret that Asuka and KSC were dating, but the fact that Asuka got so girly over a foot massage would only negatively impact her reputation and her self image. With the end of her massage, Asuka let out a final relaxed sigh of ecstasy as if she was being taken out of the sweetest dream and being awakened to cruel reality.  KSC gave another kiss to Asuka's foot and then placed both of Asuka's feet in his lap.

"How was it?" KSC asked as he gently rubbed Asuka's feet. 

"The best one yet. Thank you so much." Asuka said as she pulled herself closer and gave KSC a long, grateful, and passionate kiss on the lips. "Love you so much babe." 

Asuka then sat back and looked away to hide her disheartening. She didn't want KSC to see her like this. KSC took notice and became concerned. 

"What's wrong dear?" KSC asked as he stopped rubbing Asuka's feet and placed them on her shins. "You look upset." 

"Well, it’s just that, despite how much I love having my feet pampered, I feel so, girly." Asuka said wishing she hadn't. She looked back at KSC with her head hanging low out of embarrassment and fear of how he would react. "I'm just such a tomboy and everyone knows it, but whenever I have my feet treated so nicely I just lose all my spunk. I'm worried about how you and everyone else will feel about this, and a part of me thinks that I will only be able to enjoy this in secret forever." 

"Don't be silly! No one is going to think differently of you over something like this!" KSC said as he moved up closer and took Asuka's hands while looking her in the eyes. "A tomboy is still a girl and girls like what girls like, there is nothing wrong with that. Besides, every tomboy is entitled to being able to enjoy her moments of girlishness! I've known plenty and they have no shame in taking a moment to not be tough and feel feminine for once. In fact I like having these moments with you, it brings out the fun and innocent side to you." 

"Do you really mean that?" Asuka asked in shock of what she was hearing as she looked up at KSC. "You wouldn't think I had gone from being the tough chick you love to a complete girly girl if I indulged in all the foot pampering things that girls love? You would like it if I got pedicures, wore anklets and toe rings?" 

"Of course I would! It's still you and that's what matters!" KSC responded with a bright smile. He was so happy to see that his girl was having a relationship building moment like this with him right now. "Having your feet decorated doesn't make you any less of a tomboy or who you are. It just means that you think your feet are pretty and you want to make them prettier by decorating them. In fact, the fact that you want to do all these things and be able to show it off actually makes you more of a tomboy." 

"WHAT!?" Asuka said in disbelief. "Me showing off the beauty of my feet makes me more of a tomboy!?" 

 "Yeah! Girly girls rarely if ever show off their feet even when decorated! You and every other tomboy I have known has always had no problem being barefoot or showing off their feet!" KSC laughed. He got a bit nervous now since he risked revealing his fetish more obviously now. But it was for Asuka's good and she needed to hear this. "All the girly girls I've seen and known are always wearing closed toed shoes, socks, and never go barefoot let alone wear sandals unless the environment is their prissy kind of clean or they are in the safety of their own home; you never see their pedicures or foot decorations unless they think they can show them off without getting their feet dirty in any way shape or form. You wear sandals and go barefoot because you enjoy it and don't care where you are, being barefoot is better than having to wear shoes all day. Something as simple as a pedicure only tells everyone that you’re still a girl and you still enjoy some fanciness. In fact, it may even help you fit in a little more with the girls at school." 

"You really think so!?" Asuka said blushing a bit. Asuka's social life was okay but being able to fit in with some of the other girls would be nice. The only catch would be that she would be getting closer to a friendly relationship with her rival Lilly. KSC knew she was thinking this and quickly exploited her thoughts for fun. 

"Who knows, maybe you and your rival Lilly will find something else you have in common." KSC said with a teasing smile making Asuka's face turn bright red. "I'm sure you two can come up with some cute colors and designs! Maybe you'll even start painting each others' nails!" 

"Ugh! Yeah right! Like that will ever happen! You're just trying to get to me!" Asuka said as she jumped back with her face still red. She had regained some of her usual self and couldn't stand being so vulnerable right now. Asuka looked away with a pouty face with her arms crossed. "I bet you even made all that up so you could get like this right now!" 

"Really? Well how about I convince you then?" KSC said as he picked up Asuka's right foot with one hand and brought his fingers to her sole. "You admit to wanting to do girly stuff to your feet or else I will make you enjoy something until you can't enjoy it anymore!" 

"What are you doing?" Asuka asked nervously. She had a feeling of what was about to happen, but she wanted it to happen. 

"THIS!" KSC said as he fiercely ran his fingers against Asuka's sole. 

 "HAHAHAHA! NNOO!! I'M TICKLISH!!" Asuka laughed as she grabbed the edge of the wall and quickly got her other foot out of KSC's lap so that she wouldn't kick him. "MY FEET ARE VERY TICKLISH STOP! YOU WIN!!" 

 KSC laughed a playful evil laugh as he dug his nails in deeper and dragged downward tickling Asuka even more. Asuka, willingly, spread her toes and let KSC tickle between them to the best of his ability. Asuka laughed even harder, in joy, as the ultra sensitive spaces between her toes felt the pressure of KSC's fingers against them. Asuka wanted more, but she couldn't let KSC find out that she loved being tickled! 

"HAHA! OKAY! I WANT TO GET A PEDICURE! I WA-HA-HA-ANT TO GET FOOT JEWLERY! I WANT MY FEET TO SO BEAUTIFUL THAT YOU WANT THEM! THERE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I SAID IT! STA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAHAAP!! STOP!" Asuka screamed. It was getting a bit torturous but her love of the feeling over whelmed the torture aspect. "I SAID IT!! LET MY FOOT GO!!" 

"Alright!" KSC said as he stopped to let Asuka catch her breath. He then started up again moving even faster against her sole. "Now for part two!!" 

"NO! There is no part two! I SAID STOP!" Asuka said as she tossed her head around while trying even harder not to kick KSC. 

"THEN MAKE ME!" KSC shouted with an evil grin. He was really enjoying the playful torture he was putting Asuka through. "You are perfectly capable of fighting me and throwing me off! Make me stop!" 

"I'm telling you to! That's reason enough!" Asuka laughed. She wanted to get out of this in the shortest amount of time possible without admitting to liking her feet being tickled. "Now leave my feet alone! Stop!" 

"I'm not listening!" KSC laughed as he grabbed Asuka's other foot and began to tickle both of her feet. "You know the counter to simple locks like this so use them!" 

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! NOT BOTH FEET!!" Asuka screamed as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Her feet locked under KSC's arm and the energy that was going into restraining her kicking was now being used to hold down her upper body. "I'M TICKLISH ENOUGH WITH ONE FOOT! TICKLING BOTH IS TORTURE! PLEASE STOP!!" 

Asuka felt an overwhelming joy despite being short of breathe now and being tickled mercilessly. Tickling is painful in its own way to everyone, but to Asuka the torture was so much fun. She felt all the good things in her coming up in her and her fear of her status vanished. Asuka loved the feeling so much that she finally admitted what she was afraid to do before. 


KSC laughed in joy to see how merry his girlfriend was now and that she had finally come out of her shell hiding her love for having her feet played with. After ten minutes, it stopped and the couple took their time to catch their breathes. Asuka looked at KSC as happy as she could be. Asuka now had the confidence to ask him something she had always wondered about even though the thought was making her unusually shy. 

"Um, KSC, can I ask you something a little personal?" Asuka said as she looked down with her face flushed and her toes curled in shyness. This was very unlike her but the question was very big. 

"What is it Asuka?" KSC said seeming a little shocked that Asuka could be this way. He never thought that he would see the day that Asuka would make herself look so vulnerable while asking him something. 

"If you had or have a foot fetish, which I wouldn't mind, no, actually, HOPE, that you do, would you, um," Asuka looked up at KSC and asked him in the softest voice ever, "would you worship my feet if you thought they were pretty enough?" 

KSC's eyes lit up with shock and joy at what he was hearing. He had tried to keep his foot fetish very indirect and secret from Asuka in fear that she would leave him if he ever tried to do something more than a foot massage or tickle. But now she wanted the full package and was asking for her feet to be worshiped. It was as if heaven itself had blessed this day for him! 

"I figured that you would have guessed it the moment that I started massaging your feet on a regular basis on our dates and secret meet ups. Then again I didn't want to make it obvious because I was afraid you would dump me for it." KSC said with a huge smile. He then got up close to Asuka and looked her in the eyes with so much happiness and love as he answered. "Yes my dear, I am a foot fetishist and I have been fantasizing about you and your feet ever since we started dating! And you're feet are the most beautiful I've seen amongst all the other girls I've been with! To worship them would be one of the most heartfelt things I've done for you and an honor!" 

"Oh KSC!" Asuka threw her arms around him and smiled with just a small tear of joy running down her cheek. They had been together for almost over a year now and this moment now was one of the biggest steps closer in their relationship on the emotional and sexual level making it one of the most passionate yet. "You're such a sweet man, I would never leave you over something so simple. Even if I didn't like my feet the way I do or like being barefoot, I wouldn't leave someone who has been so good to me. I would let you worship and play with them still even if I didn't like my feet because I love you that much." 

The two lovers gave each other a long, passionate kiss right when the sun was beginning to set illuminating the magic of the moment. They couldn't be at a better spot or better time than where they were now. The two slowly moved away from each other and Asuka set her beautiful bare feet on KSC's lap. KSC picked up her right foot and kissed the front of it. He then kissed the sole of Asuka's foot and she gasped in pleasure and sensitivity. KSC then, slowly to enjoy the moment and make the feeling last as long as possible, dragged his tongue up the soft, luscious sole of Asuka Kazama. Asuka silently cried out in ecstasy as she felt KSC's tongue drench her foot in warm saliva. Asuka's mind went into a frenzy as she felt unimaginable pleasure run through her foot. Asuka breathed heavy as she felt more and more licks on her sole. But then things got even hotter for both her and KSC. After about 10 minutes of licking, KSC slowly put Asuka's toes into his mouth and then began to suck slowly on them. Asuka used all her strength then to hold in all the amazing cries of sexual in her. As she struggled to hold it in, Asuka's hand crept down onto her crotch where she could feel heat building up just as KSC squeezed his legs together as his pants grew tighter. KSC began to lose himself in his fetish as he began to lick and suck on Asuka's toes more ravenously and lustfully just as Asuka began to feel herself getting wetter and wetter from the sight and feeling of her foot being worshiped. It was all so good, but the two were still out in public by the road. With the last fragment of logic in her head, Asuka grabbed KSC's face. 

 "Stop!" Asuka said while trying to calm herself down. She never expected foot worship to be so intense on her. "I love this, I really do, but we are still in public." 

"Oh, yeah....." KSC said as he came back to his senses. 

"You can continue at my house, my dad is gone for the night." Asuka said with a pervy look on her face. She was loving how sexual things had gotten in her relationship. "Besides, I still need to find out what it’s like to be tickled with a feather and I have honey, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, and other toppings at home that I'm sure will make those already scrumptious tootsies taste even better!!" 

"Sounds like a plan before going out to dinner tonight! Let's go!" KSC said with a big smile. He was very excited now. 

"I'll just......" Asuka looked back over at her bike and saw the four things she hated the most: hot, close-toed school shoes and a pair of ugly, foot-choking, beauty covering socks. Asuka wished that she had remembered to bring something to change into after school. Now she would have to cover up her feet again. Suddenly KSC tapped on her shoulder. 

"I think you might need these." KSC said with a smile as he opened up his bag again revealing a pair of flip-flops and the tank top and short-shorts that Asuka loved to wear at home. "I was late coming here because I was at your house. Your dad was there and told me to take these to you because he knew that you would be miserable having to wear that uniform any longer than you have to. And because, I shit you not, in his own words, told me that he knew that his 'princess needs to be barefoot each day or else she goes crazy'." 

Asuka smiled and kissed KSC again. After quickly changing before anyone could see and packing away her school cloths in KSC's bag, Asuka Kazama and her dear boyfriend rode their bikes back to her house. Nothing in the world could make things better than they were now. 

A gift I wrote for KSC a while back and now back on here. I figured he'd like to see it again as would all of you so here it is. Hopefully I can get to writing more stories like this again. 


  1. Always loved this story a lot. Thanks again for this awesome present Heretichero. ^_^

    1. You are very welcome dude!! I'm glad you like this so much. Its been a while since I picked up the pen for fetish stories but I do plan on doing another one sometime before school starts again. It will be another Asuka story so I'm sure you'll love it.

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    1. Thanks man! It means a lot to hear that you like it considering you're the more practical artist. My writing is open to a lot more judgement than a picture.
      Yeah, I tried to balance the cuteness of it with the actual fetish aspect so it would be a pleasant read. Maybe if I'm lucky, one day I'll get some publisher online interested in my fetish work and they'll turn it into a comic. Now that I think about it, that wouldn't be a bad idea for us to do. I've had an original idea sitting in my head for a while but wasn't sure if it would fly. Maybe we could collaborate and make it real someday.
      Thanks again dude. I hope to get more stories on here so I hope they tickle your fancy as well lol.

    2. That pun. XD

      No problem! :) And oh? This sounds interesting. I'm open to hearing more about this idea of yours.

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  4. My friend, just for this story alone, you've gained another fan (who also writes) and I haven't even finished reading it yet. Just wanna say thank you for making a foot fetish story with my favorite character in the tekken series. And back to the story I go. :)