Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Needs Some Sort of Clarification

I checked out some of my older posts. What happened to the pics I had for them?  How and why were they removed? I'm not in trouble for anything am I?


  1. Nothing on my part. If the pictures have a grey circle with a white bar they were censored by Google/Picasa/Blogger itself.

    How do you upload images? If you are using Picasa (the service blogger uses) it might be that one of the albums you were using contained explicit images that were flagged resulting all the images in the album being blocked at once.

    You can check the albums by going and clicking the more tab in the right hand side of the menubar and clicking photos.

    1. or use this link here

    2. I see. Thanks dude. I'll try that. Hopefully I can fix this.

    3. If it's one of your albums that is being blocked. You might have to upload the pictures again. Blogger should automatically put them into a new album for you. Just make sure that the new album doesn't contain any explicit images and I think you should be all right. I hope that this solves you problem. *crosses fingers*

  2. I have always used Photobucket or my server for my images and never had troubles with them being marked though it could just be one of the DeviantArt trolls that just clicks report "because its cool"

    hope you are able to get this sorted out as it would be a shame to lose some of them sexy posts :D