Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hidamari Sketch: Yuno

Yuno, sometimes called "Yuno-tchi" by Miyako, is a young girl and main character in the story. She has fairly short hair, slightly above shoulder length that is light-brown. She is also the shortest of the six girls, and her stature is the subject of many jokes in the series. She lives in the Hidamari Apartments, along with her close friends and neighbors Miyako, Hiro, Sae, Nori, and Nazuna. Her friends think of her as a very nice person. Yuno dreams of being a great artist someday. Although she is a skilled artist overall, she considers painting and drawing her specialties. She is constantly seen wearing a pair of black, cross-shaped hairpins on her head, which she rarely takes off. She is also an only child in her family.


  1. I love Hidamari Sketch. It's so cute and funny

  2. Looks good dude. She seems a little young but I think this is a good post. Nice work.