Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Featured Artist: Darkspeed7 Commissions

Hey guys, sorry for disappearing with no comments or anything on all the latest stuff. Been busy with online classes, work and such. During my abscence, I managed to buy some commissions from the wonderful Mr. Darkspeed7 who drew me a great variety of anime girls in different tickle situations. Here they are colored by yours truly. I hope you guys like them.

Without looking at the tags, can you guess who these ladies are?


  1. Great Commissions Heretichero. All of these girls look really ticklish. ^_^

    1. Thanks dude. I'm glad you like them. Can you guess whose who here lol?

  2. Its a great morning when i wake up to pics of Ibuki and Makoto on here :D

  3. I got Morgiana, Rise, Makoto, and Ibuki. Don't know who the top and bottom girls are. XD