Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sword Art Online: Asuna (Bonus)

This is another tribute resulting from coincidence. I was on Crunchy Roll watching Naruto and noticed one of the ads on the site for Sword Art Online using the second image in this set. That of course got me googling the character and series. 
(Just some random webfinds this time around)

I haven't gotten the chance to watch this anime yet but the series does look pretty interesting. I do want to cap and cover the actual series in detail but for now let's just do a brief bio for Asuna. 

Asuna is the heroine of the Sword Art Online series. She's the daughter of a former CEO and sub leader of the Knights of Blood. She seems like a powerful character and obviously has some skill with a sword. This is definitely one of those characters that I know that I'd be picturing her feet underneath her boots as I watch the series through. :-)

Ok everyone that's all for now. As always more to come soon!!


Logging off


  1. Nice warm up dude! I got some caps of her I'll be posting soon! Great finds!!

    1. Thanks Heretichero. ^_^

      O_O That's great. I'm looking forward to seeing those.

  2. Yea its usually images like that that get me looking into the source though its rare i get into the series after checking it out but dont stop me from looking for art :)

    Sword Art Online i been wanting to watch but just havent because i know its not .hack but if its on CR i might check it out

    Last but not least thanks for the Sexy Pictures :)

    1. :-D Yeah sometime the right advertisement images are enough to pull me into the series.

      O_O .hack is another series I've been wanting to get into but it's so intimidated because there are so many different animes and games for it that I just don't know where to dive in first. I saw like 3 animes sharing that title that were airing simultaneously at one point. Could you recommend a good place to start for it?

      Thanks Jinto. ^_^

    2. .hack sucked. Don't bother. Unless you're into whinyasss crybaby teens and lots of talking with little action

    3. Wow that's a very strong critique of the series. Thanks for letting me know about it Heretichero. ^_^

    4. Well best place to start is .hack//Sign though some people are put off by the "Information overload" in the series but i for one loved that Sign

      Second would be the .hack Ps2 games (Infection,Mutation,Outbreak,Quarantine) which is a LOT of fun to play through the four games also includes a few cameos from .hack//Sign characters

      .hack//Liminality is the OVA that came with each Vol of the above games that follows the story on the outside of "The World" aka Game World but can be watched before or after the games

      .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet or .hack//DUSK is a bit of a lighter series that isnt that deep or serious but still nice though the Anime didnt directly follow the manga it was based on but still an enjoyable watch/read

      .hack//Roots sets up the prequel story before the .hack//G.U. Ps2 games and Haseo's time in the Twilight Brigade but much like Sign its got"Information overload" but does have more action in it than Sign

      .hack//G.U. Vol 1-3 Ps2 games pick up a short time after the end of the Root anime as you play as Haseo tracking down Tri-Edge and is less old school rpg than the first set of games as you dont need to search random dungeons for items to enter certain areas but i still a lot of fun and could be completed a lot quicker than the Original Ps2 .hack games

      Then you got .hack//Quantum and .hack//The Movie which i didnt really get into so i couldnt give you much info behind them but the 1 ep of Quantum i did watch was enjoyable but now i have less time for anime than i did when the other ones were coming out

      You also have a few Novels to the series like .hack//Another Birth which details the story of the Original PS2 Games just from the viewpoint of the Heroine BlackRose which gives you a whole different side of the story than you got in the games

      Im still reading the .hack//Ai Buster novels also got the .hack//Cell Novels and then comes to loads of Manga i will never catch up with lol .hack//XXXX Is the original PS2 games in manga form with some differences. There are many more .hack manga that i havent gotten to yet so i couldnt list the timeline/order to read them all in like i done above which i now see is longer than i expected so if you need any help explaining/learning the series you can send me a msg mkohaku on google mail

    5. O_O Thanks very much for all the information regarding these series Jinto. Really detailed descriptions involving all of them too. It seems pretty cool how all the series interconnect with one another. Maybe I'll try .Hack signs out and go from there. :-)