Monday, July 8, 2013

Ninja Turtles: April O'Neil

In the 1987 TMNT animated series, April O'Neil was a television reporter for Channel 6 News. She was employed by Burne Thompson and frequently expressed disagreement with his assignments due to her headstrong nature and passion for her work. She also fell out repeatedly with Vernon Fenwick, the director/camera operator whose enormous ego compelled him to scoop O'Neil on her stories whenever possible. O'Neil was best friends with Irma, the receptionist at Channel 6. Her Channel 6 News Van was a blue van that had classic headlights and the Channel 6 News logo on each side. O'Neil could usually be found wearing a distinctive yellow jumpsuit with white boots. She lived in an apartment in New York City, though during the course of the series, she was forced to relocate several times due to a variety of indirect Turtle-related mishaps.


  1. Awesome find! Reminds me how much I've wanted to see her friend Irma's feet too :p

  2. I remember the first two pics, it was during the episode when she was living with a Robot cop.

  3. Nice posts, I've liked April for as long as I can remember first western cartoon crush, I can think of when I was a kid. Her and Kimberly from Power Rangers were probably my first "crushes". Although the April from the 2003 series was hot as well =D, do you know if there are any of her?

    1. Yeah there are. During the one nano-bot episode you see her running outside barefoot.

  4. Awesome post Bambino. These are great scenes of April. Thank you so much for capping her. ^_^

  5. Oh man, this is some big nostalgia here for a lot of people. Nice work dude. I'm glad to see your work here. Keep it up