Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One Piece: Nico Robin Bonus 5/Poll of the Month 46

Ok as promised here is a tribute to last month's poll winner Nico Robin. If you've watched the One Piece Anime or seen the previous tributes, you know that Nico has the special ability of creating as many extra parts of her body as she desires. We've seen her use to that ability to create extra sets of feet before. This tribute focuses on another attack of hers, the ability create giant limbs in this case legs and feet which she then uses stomp on her opponents. You'll see what I mean...
 (I had a lot of help with this tribute. Massive Thank yous to Richfeet and Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots Himself) for tipping me off to this moves. I also want to give a shout out to Chilled Bones who originally posted the manga form of this attack on his blog Cold Feet a couple of years ago)

You guys can see more of Robin's feet in some of her earlier tributes with these links
^_^; I guess she might have forced me to tribute quite a few times in the past.

The attack she was using above is called Gigantesco Mano which literally translates into "Giant Hand" despite the fact  she uses it to make a giant pair of feet in this case. This variation is called stomp for obvious reasons. ^_^ You can see a clip of this attack here:
I love how her enemies look up in horror as they realize a giant pair of feet are about to stomp on them. :-D Talk about a powerful move. ^_^;

Ok...Just as a sidenote, I added a new poll of the month letting everyone pick their favorite pink haired girl. One of the nice things about animes is that you get to see some exotic hair colors pretty frequently. If you had an opportunity to have a pink haired girl from an anime rub her feet in your face which character would you want it to be? :-D Sadly Sakura was unable to compete in this one because she's training for her her championship but there are a variety of other pink haired women to choose from. Who is your favorite? Please feel free to share your opinions. Like with the other polls you don't need a blogger account or in this case a Poll Daddy account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate.

Have fun guys!!
-Kings S. Castle


  1. Now that's a neat use of superpowers! XD

    In regards to your poll, I'm sad that there aren't any pink-haired girls on the list I'm familiar with. :b

    1. :-D Yeah...I'm jealous of the people she used that move on.

      ^_^; Might have made the characters in this one a little too rare.

  2. I never have been one for Robin though the 7th pic so look rather hot

    Since i already said i picked Lacus im going to imagine that its Cagalli wearing a wig LOL

    Oddly enough when i tried to think of other pink haired girls aside from Lacus i went brain dead and didn't even think of Sakura...not much of a fan if i forget

    1. Yeah the Manga view was awesome. ^_^

      :-D Lol...I like Cagalli more than Lacus too. My favorites from the series are Captain Ramias and Lunamaria Hawke. I really wish Lunamaria had some barefoot scenes in the series.

    2. The Captain and Luna is rather sexy :D but having some good shots of Miriallia would of been amazing to have in series but hey i cant complain too much as i got my Cagalli scenes

    3. Yeah it true about Mirialllia. I wanted to see Natarle Badgiruel too. The Gundam Seed series really had a lot of hot women. :-D Yeah we definitely lucked out with the Cagalli moments. ^_^