Friday, June 1, 2018

Digimon Cybersleuth-Hacker's Memory Erika Mishima and Fei.

Beat this game awhile back but procrastinated on uploading these. Fun game, loved it but it was soul crushing. It takes place at the same time as the first game just different events though they cross over at other times. There are plenty of amazing girls in this game but only two get any shots.

Anyway the first girl here is Fei, she helps the Hacker Group Zaxon and is second in command. She's a tough no nonesense girl, and always gets the job done efficently. She returns from the first game, she has about the same screen time but seems to have a bit bigger presence as her boss was the one who had a main role in the last game. She doesn't get many shots at all just part of her foot after she's in the hospital after getting beat pretty bad by Ryuji and Arcadiamon.



The second girl is Erika Mishima. She is my favorite from this game, two of my favorite girls from the last game appear but they had last time. Erika is a Tsundere, but she's really caring. She's a sickly girl having been in a car accident when she was younger she has a problem where she can't hold a lot of memory or exert herself for long periods of time without nosebleeds. She keeps her memory online and this allows her to have a huge memory. She's a brilliant hacker and an amazing character, I really love how they portrayed her and her character arc despite how soul crushing it is.


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  2. I had a friend who love this Digimon game because it reminded him of Fate Extra and Persona 3 gameplay-wise.

  3. :-D Seems like this game has some attractive women.

    1. Have you ever played an Digimon game?

    2. Nope. Pokemon yes... Digimon no.

    3. I see. I only heard stuff on Pokemon than Digimon.

    4. It does indeed XD, there are no bad designs XD