Saturday, June 30, 2018

Masamune-Kun's Revenge: Yoshino Koiwai

Ok the next Masamune Kun's revenge girl up is Yoshino Koiwai.
(These are from Masamune Kun's Revenge episode 6, 7 and 8)

Yoshino is Aki's servant. She an interesting character appearing to be a shy and obedient girl but in actuality being quite sneaky and devious. Yoshino is the first character in the series to figure out that Masamune is the boy that Aki embarrassed as a child.  Rather than tell Aki Masamune's secret, Yoshino decides to help Masamune get his revenge because she feels that Aki getting humiliated would make Aki a more sensitive and compassionate person. That would in turn make Yoshino's life easier. Yoshino often acts as Masamune's accomplice feeding him information about Aki. Sometimes she even takes a more active approach in helping him manipulating and kidnapping people on his behalf. Sometimes her help backfires and she winds up making things more difficult for Masamune. She's a lot of fun to watch in action because her innocent and spacey expression completely contrasts with her actions. It makes some of the radical things she does feel like a surprise even when you know she is up to mischief ahead of time. ^_^;

Alright guys that all for now but as always...more to come soon!


  1. She looks cute but what are those white things on her head?

    1. Yeah I'm not sure myself. Maybe they are hair clips.

  2. Is it me or there are too many female characters in this series that look like boys?