Saturday, June 2, 2018

Valvrave the Liberator: Akira Renbokoji

Satomi's little sister and the pilot of Valvrave Unit VI, she has a shy but unstable personality due to her getting bullied when she was in middle school and led her to become an hikikomori and made a hideout by cardboard boxes in a hidden area in the academy and has controlled several computers at once. Because of her being bullied from getting caught after she hacked the computer systems for the prestigious academy that her brother took the entrance exam for so that he could be admitted, she was isolated in fear from the outside world. She is very timid and is prone to extreme anxiety attacks whenever asked if she would like to join the others in going out. Later on, she made a friendship with Shoko, who was the only person had no issues with her. She even created the WIRED Network, which also has a complicated authentication process, from her hacking and securing skills. WIRED is kind of like Twitter or Facebook but more customized by Akira herself. I personally had a thing for Akira because of some of my personal tastes in the character like her hacking skills, being completely barefoot, long red haired ponytail, being cute and for being an mecha pilot.


  1. Looks good but hardly can see anything

    1. That's because she was in a dark hacker cave with no light.

    2. Don't get me wrong I like it I just wish it was More like to it

    3. Sorry what I meant to say I wish there was more light to it

    4. Sorry, the lighting in her scenes are dim.

  2. Ah, I always had a soft spot for her~ Honestly, IMO, she's my pick for Valvrave's Best Girl. <3

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, she is one of my favorite redheads in anime. I mean, having her barefoot like this, long red hair and amazing hacking skills is a winning combination for me.

  4. Is her voice high piched or normal teen? Is shee good or bad?! THERE ARE SO MUCH UNAWNSERED QUESTIONS!!🤔