Thursday, November 13, 2008

Azumanga Daioh: Chiyo (Bonus)

My series of Azumanga Daioh tributes continue with a special nod to the youngest member of the Azumanga Daioh crew...Chiyo-chan. *Warning: Viewer beware...excessive amounts of cuteness lie ahead!!*

(These are another Wikipedia webfind and more scenes from Azumanga Daioh episode 4. Chiyo still hasn't learned how to swim yet which just adds to her cuteness factor. Once again I have to give a big thank you to Mr. E for tracking down and providing us with this scene.)

Everything about Chiyo just screams cute. She's so smart that she skipped a few grades into highschool. When she's with the other girls, Chiyo noticeably stands out because she so much shorter then the others. Eventhough she's really intelligent (she even corrects her classmates several times in the show), Chiyo still has the innocence of a little kid. Her reaction when Tomo accused Sakaki of stealing her height was priceless. :-) In addition to that Chiyo has an adorable high-pitched voice that just makes anyone watching the show go "awww". Even Chiyo's pet dog (which is big enough for her to ride on) is cute and let's not forget about her pigtails (which even manage to grab a starring role in Osaka's dream sequences). *shivers from cuteness overload* Anyway, Chiyo is a great character whose friendliness bring her classmates together and this anime wouldn't be the same without her. ^_^

Ok...with two characters completed, I still have more Azumanga Daioh tributes ahead. Check back soon for the next one.


  1. Chiyo Mihama is adorableness personified. And your tribute to her did her a justice, my friend. She is one of the cutest characters ever made, never mind in anime. But she is capable of swimming, though. She just can stop until she reaches a shallow area because her feet can't touch the bottom. Great work, my friend. Don't forget about the other cute girls in the series, same goes for their cute teachers. :-D

    Daniel Wickie

  2. i cant wait to see the diet girl's lovely soles

  3. yeah, im bad with names sometimes

  4. Aren't we all? Don't worry about it. But I'm sure you'll know who Kagura is once KSC shows her, if you know what I mean. ;-)

  5. She is indeed an adorable young thing, and it's great that you posted her pictures...keep it up!

  6. Thanks guys I'll try to post more from this anime soon.