Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catwoman Bonus 2

Here's another quick picture for all of you...a shot of Batman's sexy nemesis without her boots on. Enjoy!!!

(This another Adam Hughes picture I found while browsing the net.)

I used to have such a huge crush on Catwoman that I actually collected her comic book series for a while when Jim Balent was the artist (I really liked her purple costume). I prefer Selina with long hair and I don't really like her wearing goggles but any picture where she is barefoot is still pretty hot.

Ok...I just finished capping a major project with multiple girls to show you but I still need to organize the pictures. Hopefully I'll start posting them tommorow. Thank you for being so patient everyone.


  1. ^^ heh nice pic, ah yes waiting is easy as long as the wait is worht it =P and knowing you KSC , it will be lol x)

  2. Her toes are almost non-existant.

  3. even though one cant help but love the "paws" of catwoman, no offense KSC but this isnt one of your best works

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence Lawliet.

    Yeah guys. This was just meant as filler material while I get the next set of bonuses together. (I didn't want to go two days without posting if I could help it.)

    My personal preference would have been for Jim Balent (who did the first Catwoman series) to draw her instead but unfortunately he rarely draws her without her boots on and I couldn't find any new images to post. :-( On the plus side, it's kind of cool that Selina is wearing toenail polish.