Sunday, November 23, 2008

Azumanga Daioh: Yukari (Bonus)

Sorry to keep everyone waiting. This bonus took me a little longer to get together. Anyway, after much anticipation here is the hot Azumanga Daioh teacher Yukari-sensei.

(Here are yet 44 more reasons to thank th Mr. E for tracking down episodes 4 and 5. The first picture was nabbed off of Wikepedia.)

Yukari is always fun to watch. She's the first character introduced in the series and really sets the comedic mood of the show with her crazy personality. She's also so attractive that I probably would have a hard time concentrating in her class because I'd be daydreaming about giving her a foot massage. As for my favorite moment involving's tough to choose. I love how she reacts when she hears anyone had crab. I also love her rivalry moments with Nyamo where she takes it to ridiculous levels. Then there's her driving ability. *Laughs* I could probably go on all day...Yukari's really something. ^_^

Ok, I promised some new spotlights on here they are.


I've spotlighted these stories before but they've had some great new additions recently. First there's the Anime Feet stories by Hellapinoy:
In addition to a great Morrigan thread...there's also a new thread involving Raven that I really recommend checking out. I don't want to spoil this story too much but picture being a foot servant to 6 diffrent versions of Raven's feet. O_O

Another story that's had a lot of interesting additions in recent weeks is Shruken with friends, family and more by Mr. E. (yup the same author reponsible for these Azumanga Daioh bonuses).
This GTS story has a lot great scenarios going on (some of which are foot related). Recently there have been a spike of Bianca additions involving the main character being tortured at the feet of his cousin. I also recommend checking out the Julie thread as well because she is my favorite character. :-D

In addition to these...StreetFighterDash asked me to share his Deviant art link where he's been posting a lot his stories recently. and his new message board here:

Ok everyone...that's basically it for today. You probably noticed I posted the last of the Azumanga Daioh does that mean I'm done with these girls yet?...Well...not quite! I still have a couple of more bonuses involving them up my sleeves. On that note...more to come soon.


  1. Thanks for posting my links. Hopefully now My Board will get lots of members. I don't want another repeat of my Yahoo Group.

    And my fan fics will get the recognition that they deserve.

    Oh,and nice set of pics,bud. If I find subbed versions of this Anime on Youtube,I'll be sure to watch them.

  2. she would be one interesting teacher and one i would love to give foot massages for under the guise of wanting extra credit lol

  3. Extra credit...that's the perfect excuse. Wish I thought of that while I was in highschool. *sighs*

  4. only if there were teachers as hot as she is in rl school

  5. The only thing hotter than a beautiful teacher showing her feet is a beautiful teacher showing her feet wearing glasses.

    BTW,KSC I'm gonna be adding your blog to my Boards link section soon.

  6. and in a kimono, but that might just be too powerful lol

  7. Better yet Match,barefoot/hosed foot wearing glasses,and in a business suit.

    BTW,I'm watching you on Deviant Art.

  8. Sadly there were only a few hot teachers in my highschool and none of them were Yukari gorgeous Match. :-(

    On the plus side I had a moderately hot college professor that gave me a good glimpse of her feet one train ride home. Probably the closest thing I ever came towards living out my teacher fantasy.

    Thanks SFD.

  9. where are all the hot teachers anime's promise us?

  10. No prob,KSC. Did you ask her for a glimps of her foot,or was she just doing a little shoeplay?

  11. *Nods* If only Match.

    Just shoeplay SFD. I was treated to a bit of dangling action. She even slid her foot out of one of her shoes briefly before putting it back on. To top it off she was wearing open toed shoes and a toering. It was definitely an enjoyable ride.