Saturday, November 1, 2008

Samus (Bonus)/Poll of the Month 7

Samus is one of my favorite characters so I was thrilled that she did so well in the poll. Anyway, here is a tribute to the sexy female bounty hunter. Samus rarely is seen barefoot but these are the sexiest pictures I could find find of her.

(These are series of webfinds most of which were taken from this site and a metroid manga.)

Yeah...I wish I could have found close-ups of her feet too. :-(

Oh well...on a completely unrelated sidenote, :-p I've been meaning to show you one of my favorite pieces of deviant artwork for a long time by firefoxsf.

Anyway, I'm sure that everyone has fantasized what it would be like to be "punished" by this beautiful woman. Just imagine her taking off her boots rubbing her soft feet against your face to "teach you a lesson". Need I say more? :-D

Ok moving guys probably noticed I added a new poll of the month. This one deals with princess' feet and giving them the royal treatment they deserve. We've all wanted to take care of a woman's feet like they were royalty but if given a choice between several gorgeous princesses, which one would you choose? I'll leave it up to your imagination how you would go about taking care of these gorgeous girls' feet (i.e. giving them foot massages, pedicures, acting as their personal footwash or showing them your appreciation by worshiping their feet) . As much as I love her, this time around I decided to leave Azula out of this one since she won a poll already but don't worry...she'll be back to take on the winner of this poll in a tournament of champions later on. ^_^

As with the other polls, voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd love to see your opinions.

Ok everyone have a good night and as usual...more to come soon!!



  1. You're "Punishment" comments remind me of the Samus story I did awhile back.

  2. Pure sexiness, that's what I have to say about her, Triton. Not only that, but I didn't know Samus had her own manga. Now I really got to go check it out. I grovel at you for finding these. Keep on blogging, O Master of Feet. :D

    Daniel Wickie

  3. Yeah, she's a hottie for sure.