Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please Teacher: Mizuho Kazami (Bonus)

Here's a little break before I finish off capping Azumanga Daioh. Since the teacher scenario seems to be everyone's's another sexy teacher whose feet are begging for a foot massage.

(Once again I have to give it up to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for providing the awesome cap that inspired this bonus. I'm sure you guys can figure out which shot is his. :-D In addition to that I tossed in a couple of webfinds involving this girl.)

Ok guys...that's going to be it for tonight. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and as usual...more to come soon.



  1. I've heard of her. she's hot especially when she's barefoot wearing her glasses.

    I'd be happy to stay after school to massage her feet.

  2. and she is even half alien, i bet everyone agrees with me here in stating that Kei is one lucky son of a jerk

  3. Holy shit! Looks like Quistis has met her match. :D

  4. Speaking of Quistis, that another teacher that I always wanted to see barefoot.

  5. Who knows, Trition? Maybe you might. Maybe you might..... :D

  6. I hope so. That would be really great. ^_^