Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Azumanga Daioh: Tomo (Bonus)

Well after a long weekend for me and taking a day to recuperate...I'm up and posting again. Did you guys miss me? ;-) Anyway continuing the Azumanga Daioh tributes right where they left is one for hyperactive Tomo Takino.

(With the exception of one picture from Wikepedia (the first one), the rest were capped from the Azumanga Daioh anime episodes 4, 5 and 13. Once again a big thank you to Mr. E for finding these episodes)

Not only is Tomo the student who seems to go barefoot the most in the series, it was Match's sole shot of her that inspired Mr. E to find this series of scenes so you guys already can imagine how awesome this girl's bare feet are. In the anime Tomo's personality stands out the most from the other girls. She's extremely playful and energetic while at the same time managing to completely slack off. Because Tomo is such a fun character, she pretty much steals any scene she is in getting some of the best comedic moments in the series. Whether she arguing with Yomi, teasing Chiyo, smashing watermelons or finding ways to get around doing any work, this character is a blast to watch.

Well...that takes care of the last of the students but I'm not done with this series yet. Can you guys figure out who's left to post? Anyway, as usual...more to come soon!!

Have a nice day everyone!!


  1. There was also a part where Tomo took off her sandals when she went in through a window. You might wanna check that out, Triton.

  2. Oh yeah...that's episode 19. O_O I watched that one just recently (I'm up to episode 22 now)and haven't had the chance to cap it yet. I try to post that scene as well soon.

    Thanks very much for the tip Kyle.

  3. Tomo does seem to have the most barefoot scenes in this anime and thats definitely a good thing

  4. =D yes , we did miss you lol

    =D awesome shots, Tomo seems like quite the character, ima have to watch this soon

  5. i seriously must have just fast forward through this series too much

  6. *nods in agreement* Tomo is definitely hot Mr. E.

    Thanks Lawliet...yeah she's something alright. :-D

    Episode 4 definitely had an insane amount of feet but you're definitely still the master when it comes to Sole shots Match. :-D

  7. These were some really good shots. Tomo does have very nice Feet