Thursday, November 13, 2008

Azumanga Daioh: Yomi (Bonus)'s the next Azumanga Daioh tribute...this one's for the attractive Kiyomi Mizuhara.

(These are some more scenes from the Azumanga Daioh anime...Quite an episode wasn't it? The first shot was also nabbed off of wikipedia. As with the last two bonuses I have to give a massive sized thank you to Mr. E for finding and providing this episode)

One of the difficult things about arranging all these bonuses for the series was deciding where to put certain pictures. I know these shots show more of Osaka's feet than they do Yomi's but I couldn't resist giving the sexy chick with glasses her own bonus set. Yomi may not be the smartest *cough* Chiyo *cough* or most althletically skilled *Cough* Sakaki *Cough* member of the group, but she is a great all around character. So far at the point I'm up to in the anime (episode 14), Yomi hasn't been given nearly enough screentime by herself. Her best moments come when she is paired with her hyperactive counterpart from grade school Tomo-chan and when the two of them are arguing with one another...they completely steal any scene they are in. My favorite Yomi moment is actually the scene above where she shows how far she can stretch (not just because she gives us a good view of her sole and proves she has the flexibility of a gymnast *whistles* but because it leads to a hilarious interaction between her and the other girls). This girl is definitely a really awesome character. ^_^

Alright...if you liked these bonuses so far...I have good news I have a lot more Azumanga Daioh caps to show you. Next up is my personal favorite. See you guys soon!! ;-)


  1. yahoo Yomi, i bet she has very soft soles. (just bites that she is the only Daioh girl with a sole shot)

  2. wow i must be tired or blind or something, for some reason i wasnt even paying attention to Osaka

  3. You got to give it the animators for going into detail and making these girls soles a little bit different from one another. Yomi's feet are a little larger and tanner than Osaka's. :-D

  4. very true KSC

    ps barefoot beauty fans, check out this site

  5. That artist is great!! I like his pictures a lot. ^_^

  6. Good snapshots. Those are really good takes of Ayumu and Yomi's Feet and Soles. And I like Ayumu's expression in the last cap

  7. strangely enough, I'm actually that flexible