Friday, November 14, 2008

Azumanga Daioh: Sakaki (Bonus)

Here is the next Azumanga Daioh girl the ultra cool Sakaki.

(As with the last set...these pictures of Sakaki are a combination of a webfind and caps from Azumanga Daioh episodes 4, 5 and 13. I have to once again give a tremendous thanks to Mr. E for tracking down these scenes)

There are several reason's why Sakaki is my personal favorite of the group. She's smart, naturally good at sports, and well respected among the rest of her classmates. The fact that she is soft spoken, shy and has a sweet personality just seems to add to her charm. Of course it also helps that she's incredibly gorgeous and has a knockout body. :-D I love how this girl has an unhealthy obsession with cute things and none of the other girls (except maybe Chiyo-chan) seem to notice. This is particularly funny when Kagura is involved. Considering how awesome this Sakaki is, Kaorin's attraction towards her is completely understandable. If only a barefoot shot involving this hottie wasn't so rare. :-(

Ok...hopefully with 4 consecutive Azumanga Daioh bonuses in a guys aren't bored with this series yet because I still have quite a few more sets of girls to post. As usual...more to come soon.


  1. I know theres at least one good sole shot of sakaki out there

  2. O_O I would really enjoy seeing that.

  3. she was my favorite of the character, wish they gave her a sole shot

  4. Too bad there weren't a lot of Great shots of her Feet. Sakaki is my most favorite character in Azumanga, And I'd love to she her Feet out of any of the characters, but good shots anyways (Especually her lying on the bed reading a book)