Thursday, November 6, 2008

Torodora: Ami (Bonus)

Ok another quick bonus for tonight. Here's the hot model from the series Torodora Ami.

(Once againI have to thank the Legendary Master of Sole Shots for alerting me and providing the clip for the episode.)

I love her red toenail polish.

Ok like the last few entries, I'm going to keep things short for tonight. So that's basically a wrap everyone. I'll see you guys next time


  1. hope that soon she shows them off without shoes

  2. The red toenails are definitely a nice touch. My hat goes off to you and Match once more, KSC.

  3. Want me to add her too?

  4. Funny how her feet look sexy while her face is just plain cute. I wonder why?

  5. Okee day! She now added! :XD: Sorry. My inner Jar Jar woke up today. =P

    True, Ms. Kawashimahere is now added, but I hope you don't think too badly of her once you read my addition. Yes, I pretty much spelled out who she really is. I'm sorry, Triton. :(

  6. That last thing was meant to be a sad face like this: :(

    There, I said it.

  7. When I was watching that dinner scene...I didn't see that coming. I was just as surprised as the main character.

  8. The truth can be an ugly thing, can't it? In a way, Taiga (and I) knew Ami better than Yuusaku ever did. I'm sorry, but that's who she really is, my friend.

  9. Well...she probably would make a great Dominitrix.

  10. Ooooo. A dominatrix in secret? There's an idea.

    By the way, I met with her the other day, and we had the strangest conversation over a foot massage that had to do with her kind demeanor and her actual rude self. Care to hear about it?

  11. Okay then. Keep in mind what I said before about how she talked to me, Triton. Here's what happened: It all started when we were sitting on the couch and Ami was pooped after a long day on her feet. So, being the nice guy that I am, wanted to offer her a foot massage.

    Me: "Ms. Kawashima, would you like a massage? I mean, it was a very long day for you."
    Ami: "Don't come at me with that nice guy talk of yours, you big Canadian douchebag."
    Me:(apprehensively)"I beg your pardon?"
    Ami: (smiles) "Sure, I could use a nice foot rub. Thank you, Kyle." (takes off sandals and puts bare feet in my lap)
    Me: "These are some pretty feet you have here, Ms. Kawashima."
    Ami: "Keep your eyeballs where they belong, you foot loving weiner-monger."
    Me: "I'm sorry?"
    Ami: (smiles) "Aw, thank you Kyle. You're a real sweetheart." (tousles hair)
    Me: (blushes) "You're too kind, Miss."
    Ami: "But I soon won't be if you don't get rubbing now, you procrastinating son of a bitch."
    Kyle: (surprised) "What did you say?"
    Ami: (smiles) "Well, don't keep me waiting for my massage, cutie."
    Me: (raises eyebrow) "O-kay. And how do you want your foot massage? With warm lotion or without?"
    Ami: "With or without lotion, you stupid twat? What kind of an idiot are you?!"
    Kyle: (vein starts to show in forehead) "Excuse me?"
    Ami: (smiles) "I'll have a lotion massage please."
    Me: (sweat drops and pauses) "C-can I use some of that lovely Orange Creamsicle scented lotion you have in your purse please?"
    Ami: "Use your own, you cheap assed hoser."
    Me: "What?"
    Ami: (smiles) "Sure, Kyle. I'd like that."
    Me: (smiles back) "Oh, thank you."
    Ami: (sarcastically) "'Oh, thank you,' says the Lord of the third rate, foot slobbering, wannabe wiggas."
    Me: (irritated) "I beg your pardon?"
    Ami: "(smiles) "The pleasure's all mine, my friend. And I really do mean that. (giggles)
    Me: "Excuse me-"
    Ami: "What is it now, you annoying donkey?"
    Me: "Well, I can't help but notice your behaviour, Ms. Kawashima. I mean, one minute you insult me, and afterwards, you speak politely to me. What's up with that?"
    Ami: (embarassed) "Oh, sorry about that, Kyle. (chuckles sheepishly) I guess I had a rough day at today's fashion boardwalk. I didn't mean to take it out on you."
    Me: (smiles warmly) "It's all right, Ms. Kawashima. You didn't really bother me that much."
    Ami: "Tough shit if it did, you long haired poor excuse for a sloppy drunk!"

    Yeah, that's pretty much what happened, Triton. Crazy, huh?

  12. Yikes. It's amazing how she can switch back and forth like that. How did she react once you had finished giving her the massage?

  13. huh, that just doesnt seem right (not into the domination style worshiping)