Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KissXSis: Riko (Bonus)

It wouldn't be fair to you guys to post one twin without the other one...so here's Riko at her irresistable best. :-D

(A couple of more caps from the KissXsis anime. Once again a huge thank you to Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for this nice series of caps)

She's standing over him just to give him a view of her panties. It would definitely be nice to have thoughtful step sisters like these. ^_^

Ok...one more set from this anime left to come...stay tuned everyone!!!


  1. i would love to be the brother and be nice enough to give them foot massages every time they needed (or when i wanted to lol)

  2. This is the kinda thing that you won't see on Kim Possible or any other domestic animated show, at least not in this style of animation (the Americans would do it in an ultra ugly/ultra realistic style.) Thanks.

  3. being that step brother would be a dream come true