Monday, July 27, 2009

Rockman Exe: Miyu and Sal (Bonus)

Yet another quick bonus tonight. One of the best things that an anime can do in the way of fanservice is to air a beach episode. ^_^ Luckily for us Rockman Exe actually did allowing us to see several of the Net ops we were crushing after in their swimsuits and barefeet. Enjoy guys!!

(These are from Rockman Exe episode 27 which is actually part of a 2 part swimsuit/beach arc. Being a huge fan of this series. I actually had the entire first two seasons of Rockman saved on CD but ironically this episode got damaged. Luckily the Legendary Master of Sole Shots helped me track it down again. Thanks Match!!)

This episode actually got cut when the series aired in the U.S. under the title of Megaman NT warrior which sort of makes me question the mental competancy of whoever was behind that decision. Seriously its a simple formula...Swimsuit episodes = happy fans = higher ratings = higher advertising revenues = more money = everybody winning.

I remember when this episode first aired I was really thrilled because I had a huge crush on Miyu (The girl with the skull cap). In general I tend to like goth girls. Sal is attractive too so it was really nice to see them both showing off their feet while sunbathing. I'd love to have been there to rub suntan lotion on their bodies for them (though they probably would have to remind me not to focus on just one area of their bodies). ^_^;

Ok I probably should add that these two women aren't the only ones we get to see donning a swimsuit in this particular episode. On that note...more to come soon!!


  1. mmm one cant help but love a pair of goth feet, especially relaxing in a swimsuit. Once again glad i could help KSC

  2. They might got cut because 4Kids dubbed this show, that means, no fanservice because kids "must not" see boobies or anything slightly arousing.

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  4. Definitely a favorite since Rockman (Original, X, Exe., etc.) is my favorite video game series! Indeed a hot pair, especially Sals! Can I tell you something
    awesome KingSide? There's a really good anime series called Birdy the Mighty (most specifically the OVA) that has a hot female protaganist hero known as Birdy Cephon Alteria (google image her and you'll see what I mean ;) ). In the 1st 3 episodes of the OVA (There are only 4 sadly ): ), there are some really good barefoot scenes and some good sole shots of her as well! This is also a must-see OVA as well, every true anime fan should see something as great as this anime, including the 2008 series! Just posting this just so you can check it out and please keep up the good work! ;)

  5. Why would some one cut's just girls in swim suits....

  6. im going to guess that one of them was in a two piece

  7. " I'd love to have been there to rub suntan lotion on their bodies for them (though they probably would have to remind me not to focus on just one area of their bodies). ^_^;"

    Haha KSC. I'm completely with you on that. Great post keep 'em coming.

  8. Yeah you guys might be right about the the swimsuits being a little too provocative for 4kids taste. But it it really is such a cruel thing to do...nobody should be deprived of seing Miyu in a swimsuit.*gives that company the wagging finger of shame*

    To Iceninja9276: I checked out the girl that you recommended and she's really hot. Very sexy choice of footwear. I'll try to track down and cap the OAV. Thanks very much for the tip off.

    To J: Yeah that's definitely a dream scenario. ^_^

  9. at least rockman gets some hotties in bikinis on the show