Monday, July 13, 2009

To Love Ru (Bonus)

Well after some serious begging and pleading, I finally convinced Haruna Sairenji to come back and do another bonus for us. This time she even brought along a couple of friends. Enjoy guys!!

(These are all webfinds this time around. ^_^)

O_O Once again Haruna's soles have left me in desperate need of an icy cold shower.

*Sighs* I had to promise each of these girls a foot massage just to get them to pose here and it looks like they are ready to collect from me. Let it never be said that I don't make "sacrifices" for you guys. ;-)

Alright...have a nice day everyone and as usual more to come soon!!


  1. For an author who draws feet so nicely, you have to wonder why Yabuki Kentaro always leaves out the toenails.... :P

    Thanks for the update KSC!

  2. Wonderful! ^_^ Now for that shower...

  3. so unbelievably awesome. without the color it seems to leave more to the imagination