Monday, July 20, 2009

Phoenix Wright Girls (Bonus)

Well...if I'm going to risk a string of lawsuits by sending people into hotness overload, it makes sense to get into the good graces of sexy attorneys. ^_^ With that in is a tribute to the gorgeous women of the Phoenix Wright series. This time around I'm posting multiple girls feet at once so make sure you keep a bag of ice nearby guys!!!
Mia Fey

I feel that Mia is probably the hottest looking female character in the Phoenix Wright games. As the female defense attorney who mentors the main character she shows herself to be an intelligent, confident woman with brilliant legal skill. Sadly due to the outcome of the Turnabout sister case, Mia isn't around nearly enough in the game but she still makes her mark on the series as a memorable character that any game player can't help but admire.

I think that with all the time Mia spends on her feet trying cases, she could probably really use a footrub at the end of a busy day. I think a lot of us would love to be there to give her feet the attention they deserve; taking off her footwear and soothing her tired feet with a gentle foot massage while she relaxes on her counch. I bet she would be so appreciative of the massage that she would happily let you worship her feet too.

Maya Fey

The great thing about Maya is that she is almost always wearing sandals showing off her cute feet for us foot fetishists to enjoy. Maya is a great character. She's fun, playful, cute and caring. She seems like the type that would enjoy using her feet to tease her boyfriend playfully rubbing her soles in his face and getting him to suck her toes. She might even enjoy tickling too. I'm sure in either of those cases, we would be happy to oblige her.

Franziska von Karma

Franziska is a natural dominitrix type which of course combined with the fact that she's really hot makes her my favorite character in the series. She's rich, bossy, condescending and constantly using a whip to dominate/punish other characters. She's also a master of overly excessive insults. In addition to that, she also wears a incredibly sexy combination of high-heeled boots and nylons.

I think t's a pretty safe bet to believe that Franziska would enjoy using her feet to dominate you forcing you to sniff, worship and clean her sweaty feet after a busy day of trying cases. I'm sure that she'd love to have you as her personal footslave as well.

Ok to go along with this particular bonus, I have a special round of writing spotlights tonight...

Phoenix Wright Spotlights
The great cast of characters that the Phoenix Wright game posseses has inspired female foot related fanfiction. Including some of my favorite stories

First up is
Phoenix Wright Ace "little" attorney by Gilgamesh.
This interactive was actually what introduced me to the series. If you've been tuning into the spotlight's from the beginning you probably know I've featured this interactive in the past but it's really good. The premise involves Phoenix shrinking or getting turned into an object and played with by female characters (some of whom are outside of the Phoenix Wright series). Because shrinking and foot related fantasies are often intertwined, there are a heavy amount of foot scenes involved in this story. ^_^ It's like every girl's first inclination upon finding a tiny human toy to play with is to step on him. My favorite threads involve Chun Li finding and teasing a tiny Phoenix, a storyline involving Ema Sky, a couple of chapters involving April May the Mia/Maya storyline, and of course the Franziska Von Karma thread. ;-) Although I would definitely love to see this story grow a little bit more, a lot of really awesome authors have contributed to this story including its moderator Gilgamesh, Jubjub, Wisp, Feet, Gway, Papaiaman, Someone and Kingssidecastle *whistles innocently*.

Ok moving on quickly before you guys catch what I did...Another interactive with a great Phoenix Wright storyline going on is The Anime Stories by Hellapinoy.
Right now in this interactive Maya Fey's feet seem to be getting all the attention with some really great chapters involving her dominating you with her feet and getting her feet tickled by the authors Torborg and Toto. Definitely the best of both worlds!!!

With such sexy character designs and memorable personalities, there's really no question how spectacular it would be to worship the Phoenix Wright girls' feet. It definitely be really cool to be a foot slave to all of them.

Ok with that sexy image in mind to close off this entry, that basically it for today. I'd like to give a huge thank you to Torborg for recommending these girls and as usual...more to come soon!!

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Nice bonus KSC, I think I like Maya the best out of all of the girls

  2. Nice post KSC, I'm also one for the dominitrix type haha

  3. Thanks Breakthewalls. Yeah Maya is really cool. ^_^

    My personal favorite is Franziska von Karma but sadly she's almost always wearing boots.

  4. Thanks J. Yeah Dominitrixes definitely rock. :-D

  5. Cannot beat Maya. At all. She's an awesome character, so playful and cute. Naturally I couldn't resist writing about her. ;)

    Best part about her as well is that she's not at all show about showing off her feet and has lovely legs too.

    Like the pictures as well, particularly the 'lil Maya one where she looks smug.

  6. quite a few good finds of them barefoot, considering they wear shoes most of the time. great job

  7. I'm for Franziska Von Karma because of the pantyhose and heels H_H
    Great shot of her bootless at the end!

  8. Yeah the last picture is my favorite too because it has two hot Phoenix Wright women without their footwear on and everyone looks like their having so much fun. :-) If only Mia had joined in and taken off her shoes as well.