Monday, July 6, 2009

Catgirl (Bonus)/Poll of the Month 15

Just a quick bonus today... a couple of pictures involving girls donning the catgirl costume. Warning...Cuteness overload ahead. Rrow!!!!

(A huge thanks to Master Webfinder Mr. E for collecting these awesome pictures.)

Mmm...As if barefoot girls weren't hot enough already. ^_^; The pink haired girl in the last picture Louise will definitely reappear here in a future bonus too.

Ok a couple of new announcements. First I added a couple of new links and one new interactive on the page. It's definitely nice to see a developing of Anime Foot Fetishists grow and branch out throughout the internet.

I also added a brand new Poll of the month letting you choose the sorceress or witch who you'd like to be a foot pet. This one was inspired by a suggestion from the author Daniel Wickie. ;-) The idea of a sorceress getting you to worship/take care of her feet is really hot. Not only are there all the normal methods of foot worship available (i.e. foot massage, pedicures, tickling, getting used as a footstool, licking her feet clean, showering her feet with kisses etc), they are a lot of other creative ways that she can use her feet to play with you. She could cast a spell to shrink you down and then drop you into her footwear or she can even use her powers to transform you into a foot related object (i.e. her insole, her footwear, a toering etc). I'll leave the ideal fantasies involving these magic users to your imagination.

This poll we're going back to the basics letting you pick a single favorite woman who will eventually go on to compete in a new Anime feet championship. I also tried to include a different set of women from anime and videogames that I don't normally feature in this one. As always, voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody who wants to can participate. I'd definitely love to see what your opinions are. Which of these magic user's feet enchant you the most? :-)

Ok that's basically it for usual more to come soon!!


  1. Very interesting suggestion by Mr.Wickie, may I make one in the near future?

    As for the poll, I had no idea that Gwen was so popular.

    As far as the pics go, I always liked cat girls (I don't really even know why, something exotic about them.)

  2. Gee, you have a new poll up? We didn't notice that until now.

  3. nyce soles
    btw gwen is no witch

  4. Thanks Breakthewalls. Sure suggestions are great. Maybe you should e-mail me though to keep it a surprise. I like Catgirls too. ^_^

    Yeah Kyle. ^_^; I didn't get the chance to discuss it until now. The One Piece bonus had a little bit too much jammed into it.

    True but she does use magic Mhar. I consider her a sorceress. ^_^

  5. Sure, whatever you say, Triton.

    Just in case we don't know there's a poll on the left side of the page that's started a few days ago, make sure you tell us it's there.

  6. I don't suppose you consider Bloom a sorceress too?

  7. its impossible to resist a catgirl, especially one with such soft... paws

  8. MHAR Gwen was a witch, until the second series had to give her more of an alien connection. Actually a fanfic writer friend of mine was able to have alot of fun with that. Check out his story on

  9. That's something we can agree on, Match. :D

  10. true the second season did screw up Gwen's character in so many ways. I still prefer her as a tomboy then a girly girl they made her

  11. Thats fine and all Triton but one small proablem.... I have no idea what your email is <_<

  12. I always try to give a poll summary Kyle because
    1) The author in me likes to provide visual descriptions for people to fantasize about when they are voting and
    2) Sometimes there's important information about a poll that I want to share. For example...the person who helped me out with this one. ;-)

    As for Bloom...sort of. ^_^;

    Those "paws" are definitely really hot Match. It's also always great to see good fanfiction. ^_^

    Oh yeah. ^_^; Sorry about that Breakthewalls. Here's my e-mail...

  13. Well, why didn't you tell us when you first put up the poll, at the beginning of the month, like you always do?

  14. Just too tired out from posting multiple One Piece girls to cover it at that time Kyle. Group sets take a lot more energy than posting an individual girl. So I just briefly mentioned it there and said that I'll cover the new poll in my next entry which was this one.

    Anyway, it took a while but both the description and poll are up now for people to enjoy. :-D

  15. The new poll is great, KingsSideCastle. I'm glad you take the time to do them at all.

    That said you might as well end it now. haha
    The result of this one won't be hard to predict, but I wonder if Gwen can get over 1000 votes by the end of the month. That would certainly be a record for a single contestant.

  16. Thanks Adam. Yeah it's true. I knew that Gwen would be pretty popular since her cartoon is current but I didn't expect her to have such an overwhelming lead. I thought the poll was going to be close. :-)

  17. Very nice pictures i'd say! Hey guys, i'm not sure if anyone knows this already but I found this one anime called Psychic Academy, and in one of the openings the main character which is a Red headed girl named Myuu (i think) flashes her the bottom of her foot to like everyone,
    if your not sure what i'm talking about then here's a link to an episode with that opening: she does it around like 0:30 so watch for it.

  18. Great post KSC!

  19. Whatever your excuses are, I'm still happy with this catgirl post. Good post, KSC.

  20. Thanks guys. ^_^

    @Cart28 Wow that scene is really hot. Gorgeous closeup. I'll definitely try to cap and post it soon. Thanks very much for it.

  21. the pink haired catgirl on the bottom looks feisty. im glad theres gonna be more pics of her.

    i agree that gwen is much more suited to being a tomboy. maybe they will change her back in the new season?