Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rockman Exe: Mariko Sensei

Here's a little bit more from the infamous Rockman Exe swimsuit episode...the hot teacher Ms. Mari (aka Mariko-Sensei). Enjoy everyone!!

(A little bit more from episode Rockman Exe 27. Once again a huge thanks to Match25 (The Master of Sole Shots himself) for helping me track down this episode.)

This is fan service to the extreme. ^_^ Like the other two girls who were sunbathing in the last bonus, I'm pretty sure that the Megaman producers just tossed in this particular scene for the sole purpose of showing off how fine this hot teacher would look in a two piece and she definitely looks really awesome. Ms. Mari is the type of teacher that all of us would love to stay after class to give a footrub. Judging from those hot boots she wears and how crazy her students are...she probably could really use one too after a long day of teaching. :-D

On that note...I'll leave you to your daydreams but as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. curse 4Kids not showing this episode

  2. Don't ya just love cute teachers ^_^

  3. where were all these lovely teachers when i was school? I never got one below 60. Japanese kids get all the luck lol

  4. Yeah cute teachers are definitely really great BTW.

    Yeah I had the same situation too Match. I had the occasional hot teacher but most of mine were close to retiring. ^_^;

  5. I regret to inform you that my youtube has been taken down. I'll try to make another one asap.

  6. Ok I made a new one but I haven't uploaded any new videos yet.

  7. Thanks Mr. E.

    Looks like I have to update my links Feetintheclouds, I'll try to do that soon.

  8. Very nice! Back in 8th grade I had this really cute pre-algebra teacher, and there was a day where she removed her shoes and was teaching barefooted! I couldn't focus on the lecture she was giving us, I was too entralled by her feet~