Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Storm Hawks: Piper (Bonus)

Here's a hot scene from Storm Hawks where a case of mistaken identity leads to the attractive tomboy Piper to her receiving the royal treatment including a rather hot foot rub. :-)

(These are from the Storm Hawks episode Royal Twist. Massive Thank Yous to both BreakTheWalls (still working on a cool nickname ^_^) for finding this scene and the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding the clip this bonus. You guys rock!!)

It looks like she's really enjoying receiving that foot rub too. I haven't had the chance to watch this series but it looks like an exciting series to watch. Breakthewalls compared it to Avatar. Plus Piper seems like a fun character. I think a lot of us would happily push those servants aside so that we could give her a footrub ourselves.

Ok a quick announcement. ;-) Match (yes that match) has been expanding his deviant art page to include a rather cool set of Yugioh cards that you guys might get a "kick" out of. You can check them out at his DA site here: (edit: Mismatched the links before...It's fixed now) ^_^;
They're really hot!!!

Alright...have a great day everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. mmm to be able to massage those soft dark skinned tomboy soles. I would join that team just to give her one, which i bet she would accept.

    Also thanks for the free publicity KSC, i will have another four posted tomorrow

  2. No problem those cards are hot. ^_^

  3. Yeah, Piper's a cutie alright.

    Also, nice set of cards Match.

  4. He compared it to Avatar....

  5. I didn't mean it like that....

    I mean that the story lines were similar....not the quality of the shows.

  6. Good thing you cleared that up,Break the Walls.Because I was just about to bust you up for saying that.

    Storm Hawks is Quality challenged just like all of todays Canadian Cartoons(and some american ones). Avatar is American Anime and A very beautiful work of Art. So please choose your words carefully. people(like myself)might get the wrong idea and take your words out of context.