Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Piece: Ultimate Bonus

It's quite a feat to able to go toe to toe with the Naruto, Bleach, and Pokemon girls and come out on top. For being able to pull it, these One Piece girls have definitely earned themselves a full scale tribute. I guess its easy to see how these women could come ahead in a foot poll. The artists who draw this anime love depicting its women showing off their rather large feet rather often. It also helps that One Piece has a very hot set of women to choose from. Take a look everyone!!!!

Yup starting with the most popular One Piece girl right off the bat. This sexy orange haired girl has such a feisty personality and gorgeous looks that it's very hard not to like her. She seems like the type that loves to be spoiled with a foot massage. Though knowing her if she catches on that you're attracted to her feet...she'll probably try to use it her advantage and charge you for it. Maybe you can work it out with her so that her feet accept the payment...In Kisses!!!!
^_^; I guess I posted her pretty often. Can you blame me?


As a villainess, this sexy female pirate would probably loves to dominate people with feet. I can definitely picture her forcing someone to lick her feet clean just for fun. As Match pointed out during the previous bonus involving her where she uses a barefoot attack, ( the slip-slip frut which gave her her good looks also made her feet slippery soft and smooth. Imagine how nice her soles would feel rubbing up and down against your face. To top it off...she even paints her toenails. Man she's hot!!!!!!

Captain Hina

On the other side of the law this female navy captain is really hot. Possessing a devil fruit which allows her to encage her opponents in iron rings. I'll let you picture the foot domination/bondage scenarios that ability offers for yourselves. ^_^ She also a very powerful fighter and seems to have a knack for getting men to bend to her will (look at how she easily gets Jango and Fullbody to kneel before her in the third picture). She could probably easily score a footrub from anyone she wants just by snapping her fingers and knowing how tired and sore her feet must be walking around in her boots all day...she could definitely use one.

Miss All Sunday (aka Nico Robin)

I like Nico Robin a lot. Personality wise...she's definitely the most interesting of the One Piece girls. While she often comes off as Icy and serious, every so often she reveals a playful side to herself and in rare dramatic moments she gives away just how much she cares about her crewmates. As a reformed villainess, this sexy pirate probably still has a penchant for domination. I could easily see her forcing someone to worship her feet. However, the really cool thing about this woman is her unique Devil Fruit ability to generate as many feet as she needs making her a foot fetishists dream. My fantasy scenario involves her pinning my body to the floor underneath a bunch of generated feet and then sitting in front of my head and smiling down at me before rubbing her actual feet in my face.

Because this sexy women is so incredibly hot I wound up featuring her a lot in the past as well. Just in case you guys missed it (or want to see it again), here are the earlier tributes to her and her unique set of powers. Just make sure to keep a lot of ice nearby while clicking on these. ^_^

Miss Doublefinger (aka Paula)

:-) This sexy Baroque Works member managed to force her way into the bonus thanks to a really cool pov scene involving her I saw while perusing the Alabasta arc. (I just wish I had some barefoot scenes involving her to show you guys.) Anyway she's is a really cool. I give her mad props for being able to maintain a secret identity pretending to be a calm Cafe owner by day while secretly being a hot villainess by night. Both jobs involve her being on her feet for long periods of time so it's a safe bet to suspect that she would greatly enjoy a foot massage and probably even some foot worship. Just make sure that you do a good job or she might use her powers on you as punishment. Ouch!!!!

Lieutenant Tashigi

This hot navy officer is definitely one of my favorite One Piece characters. She's beautiful, intelligent, a good fighter with a strong sense justice and she thinks with her heart. She also looks really cute in her glasses. As far as I'm concerned, she can do whatever she wants with me (i.e use me as a footstool, get me to massage her feet after a long day of walking around in her hot boots, worship her feet, you name it!). If only she would give us a good foot scene or two in the anime.

Princess Nefeltari Vivi

Saving the best for last. ^_^ I think seeing a beautiful princess barefoot is a lot of people's fantasy. Luckily Vivi does so much running around in the Alabasta arc that her sandals actually fall apart underneath her feet forcing her to spend a couple of episode without any footwear on. ^_^ Rewatching that storyline, I think that a lot of us would have loved to be there for Vivi at that particular moment giving her a footrub to ease her sore and tired feet and maybe worshipping or tickling them to cheer her up.

Just in case you guys didn't get enough of Vivi, here's one more bonus set involving her. there you have it...some very convincing reasons why the One Piece girls' feet are the ones that most voters would love to under. Plus there are other girls in the anime whose feet would be awesome to worship as well such as...

Honorable Mentions: Nonjiko, Connis, Perona, Kalifa, Miss Valentine, Boa Handcock (I'm planning to post her too...I'm just waiting for some nice anime foot scenes involving her to occur first.)

Just picture what it would be like to worship all those girls feet at once. ^o^

^_^; Alright...before I rush off to dive into a bathtub full of ice...I like to give a couple of acknowledgments/announcements. Most of these pictures were capped from the Alabasta arc (I'm hoping to cap some other arcs in the future too.) Massive thank yous to both the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the Great Lawliet for helping me out tremendously with this bonus. Also you guys probably noticed I added a new poll of the month but I think I'll save the discussion of it for the next entry. For now just enjoy the pictures everyone and have a great 4th of July weekend!!
-Kings S. Castle


  1. Dude, the creator if this anime has to have a foot fetish. Nearly every female character in the series is barefoot or has sandals.

    Anyways, my favorites out of these lovely ladies would be Nami and Vivi and Kalifa

  2. Its true. Not to mention their feet are drawn relatively large. ^_^

    Those girls are definitely hot. My favorite One Piece girls are probably Nami,Vivi, Nico and Tashigi.

  3. Do i have to choose a favorite?? Crud. well im not gonna do that its too hard. I also noticed the larger feet and lots of sandals. When i was scrolling down i wanted so many of those shoes.

  4. I'm willing to bet this is your favourite franchise.

  5. Indeed sffan, Woman's feet are hot

    Hey, KSC still wanna make that odds table? ^_^

  6. Wonderful bonus, KSC! I am defintely going to try and find this anime! Babes' big, beautiful bare feet FTW!

  7. Hey KingsSideCastle you have some great content. I just started up my new anime foot fetish site and I'd like to know if we could become affiliates. :3

    contact me at if you're interested!

    *If anyone else reading this is interested don't hesitate to contact me.

  8. Awesome bonus! Hopefully the Hancock stuff that's coming up in the anime will be worth the wait. :D

    Also, I just got finished watching the latest Naruto episode, and the new ending features some nice shots of Sakura's feet (even some not-very-detailed sole shots), which was a pleasant surprise.

  9. (in a coma from a beautiful feet overload)

    but besides that, KSC check out the movie version of the Alabasta Arc, as though it is not as good in overall plot the scenes are of a much higher quality

  10. Wow, a titanic post! Thank you for your effort.
    What we really miss in One Piece is a serious de-booting scene. Or is there one and I am the one who missed it?

  11. Thanks everyone.

    Sure Breakthewalls. Judging from the poll now I would say.
    Gwen 1 to 1
    Medusa 2 to 1 (Bearing in mind this is a foot fetish poll)
    Bloom 5 to 1
    Lina 5 to 1
    Wuya 5 to 1 (I think she's bound to get more before the end)
    Edea 8 to 1 (She's Final Fantasy so she has a shot)
    Zatanna 10 to 1
    Marle 15 to 1 (Chrono Trigger is was released a long time ago)
    Maria 20 to 1(She's doing ok now but I worry that a lot of other voters might not be familiar with her since Symphony of the Night was released a while back)
    Nel 20 to 1 (Her game has only moderate popularity and then there's the question of whether the people who have heard of her would vote for her)

    My odds would definitely have been pretty different if I didn't see the way the poll was playing out so far. ^_^ What about yours?

  12. Thanks Sole Keeper. I hope you enjoy this series.

    Thanks Adam. Yeah I hope Boa gives some good scenes too. Also thanks for the Naruto tip...I'll try to cap that one...Sakura is hot!!

    There's a Alabasta movie Match? O_O I'll try and find it.

    Thanks Batmad. Sadly no debooting scenes that I know about. I hope they have one someday.


  14. O_O Awesome...I'll check it out now. thanks very much for it Match.

  15. Well I would say

    Gwen 1-1

    Medusa 3-1 (She pretty much the only one who has any chance of catching Gwen)

    Bloom 5-1

    Lina 5-1

    Zantanna 8-1

    Wuya 8-1

    Edea 10-1

    Marle 15-1

    Lina 20-1

    Nel 25-1

  16. Im betting on Gwen (seriously guys delay gratification for Medusa will be more than worth it)

  17. Great collection

    Also I found some new material that...let's just've been looking for.

  18. Lol nobody responded to my post, I'm not a spammer.

    Uhh i'd appreciate it if i could become affiliates with one or more of you guys. i didnt mention it yet but my site is . i would put your banner above the post or a link on the side.

    yeah we're new but we're going to be posting every day ^^

  19. dont forget aisa man.a true barefooter that one.

  20. @ J

    Seems like a nice site! Are you just posting hentai or will there be some mainstream stuff mixed in? (Maybe Ecchi anime like Queen's Blade & such?)

  21. Nice set of odds BreakTheWalls. ^_^

    O_O Haruhi feet totally rock Kerpal1031. Thanks very much for that clip

    I like your site J. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. ^_^

    O_O Looks like I missed a really cool character Richfeet. I need to watch the Skypeia arc more closely. Girls who are always barefoot are great.

  22. @Match: Dude, I don't think you have to worry bout Gwen losing this poll.

    @J: Nice site!

    @KSC: Thanks ^_^......but I still wish Jaina was in the pool <_< >_>

  23. no problem man.

    I'll let you know if I find more Haruhi stuff. :)

    And also the best part is that my gf is cosplaying as her (a very convincing cosplay) and I just can't wait until she does her bunny outifit cosplay ;D


  24. Update: I've been checking out the 2nd season of Haruhi and I noticed that episodes 2-4 show Haruhi barefooted, you have to check it out!

  25. I'll see what I can find for her BTW.

    Wow a girlfriend who cosplays as Haruhi, you're definitely really lucky Kerpal1031.

    Also thanks for letting me know about the other Haruhi scenes as well.

  26. Heh, thanks KSC.

    Think we should make odds tables for every poll from here on out? ^_^

  27. Sure Breakthewalls...that sounds like a cool idea. ^_^

  28. Truly Epic. might be a little too big but definitely worth the effort for every opne piece girl mentioned.