Friday, July 17, 2009

One Piece: Amazons (Bonus)

Well...I promised I'd be posting the One Piece amazons' feet as soon as they started showing them off and hot off press...Here are some awesome moments from the latest episode of the series.

(These are from One Piece episode 409. Massive Thanks yous to both Richfeet for capping this awesome episode and Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for tipping me off to it as well. You guys are quick!!!)

Wow and this is only the first episode to feature these Amazons. It's really looking like a great arc. Amazon feet rock!!!! My favorite pictures are the POV kick in the 6th-9th shots. I love to feel her soles rub against my face.

Ok...Over the past couple of week, I've noticed a massive explosion of great writing on lately and with so much great material available, a spotlights column seems almost inevitable. ^_^

A lot of awesome interactives and authors to talk about this week. With great new writers emerging and classic writers returning for more, I'm seriously forced to push the spotlights to the limit this week.

First off...its a really great week to be a Bleach fan. In the Bleach Girls Feet Battle Interactive, The author Torborg has released a total of 1o lengthy chapters involving Rukia torturing Orihime with her feet. (wow!! O_O), 1 involving Soi Fon torturing Yoruichi, a relauch of a great series of chapters involving Yoruichi torturing Ichigo from foot fetish author/legend Melroser76 himself, and a chapter involving Nel capturing Ichigo for some foot related torture. You go Torborg!!! ;-)

If that wasn't enough Bleach for you, one of my favorite set of additions of the week is a thread from the Smell of Her Feet interactive
( involving becoming Yoruichi's footslave by the author/moderator Mr. Cool. In addition to that, this story also boasts an awesome set of chapters involving Katara dominating/torturing you with her feet which multiple authors (including femdom expert Breakthewalls, E and EvilScienceMan) have been working on that was just updated yesterday.

Speaking of Mr. Cool, in addition to starting a new Feet TV interactive
( involving TV sitcom's girls feet, (My favorite chapters so far involve being dominated by Hannah Montana's Lily's feet written by him and the author Haxx0rs), he somehow managed to find the opportunity to add an awesome chapter to the Comic Book Women's feet interactive (yeah my own interactive involving Supergirl using her feet to punish you. I might be a little bit biased but sniffing Supergirl's feet is really hot. ^_^

Ok trying to shake that hot image out of my mind long enough to move on, I've been looking for the chance to show off Daniel Wickie's new interactive Ticklish Free For All for a long time.
The latest chapters written by Dr. Awesome Funk involving some really cool setups for tickling Tenten and Sailor Moon provides just such an opportunity. This interactive allows for a wide range of tickling scenarios (including foot related ones) featuring a wide variety of women from Videogames, anime/cartoons and comics. Daniel Wickie is a great author who has done some enjoyable tickling stories in the past so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one in the future. Hopefully this story will have a lot of enjoyable foot related tickling chapters soon. ;-)

Next up...tieing in with the One Piece theme of this bonus is the Anime Foot Fetish Dungeon by Justmyself.
The chapters I'm referring to (written by the author Mugiwara) involve Nami teasing and dominating you with her feet. Definitely my kind of story. :-D

Speaking of my kind of's another really cool interactive that I've been enjoying a lot lately...Soul Calibur Shrink Story by Shanks
You have to choose your threads carefully in this story but it has some great threads going on involving Yun Seoung getting shrunken and dominated by Sophitias feet, Killik getting shrunken and toyed with by Xianghua, Talim getting shrunken and tortured/played by Tira (hot!!), Cassandra becoming Taki's footslave, and Amy torturing Hilde under her feet. The great thing about this interactive is that multiple authors have contributed to this story recently including Shanks himself and Breakthewalls. My favorite chapter in this one involves Xianghua putting up her bare soles on a table for a tiny Killik to worship. ^_^

Ok next is Trouble with Enemies by Vincanity.
This brand new interactive involves you taking on the role of a main character (Ben) whose female enemies discover his greatest weakness (i.e being afraid of feet, being susceptible to trample, being easily hypnotized or making bets he can't win etc) and try to take advantage of it. The story has a variety of different types of hot women including a goth, cheerleader, neighbor and ex-girlfriend all eager to torture and get revenge on you using their feet in the process. In just a short amount of time, a lot of great authors have already contributed to this interactive already including Mr. Cool, Tex, Breakthewalls, Ricky, Thyldd and Vincanity himself. I seriously recommend checking this one out. ^_^

Last but not mega-spotlights segment would be complete without mentioning a couple of hot chapters dedicated to the Naruto girls and fortunately just such chapters were added to the Naruto Girls Foot Worship Interactive by Justmyself recently.
The ones that I'm referring to (written by classic author 2233445) were a smoking hot segment involving being a footslave to Tsunade. ^_^ As if that wasn't hot enough...Ino makes a guest appearance in one of them. :-D

Alright everyone, that's basically it for tonight. *whew* ^_^; Hope you enjoyed this particularly long entry and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. getting killed on Amazon Lily will be so worth it just to be able to worship as many feet as possible

  2. If we're lucky, the best feet in Amazon Lily will be appearing tomorrow. (I, for one, can't wait!)

  3. everyone that comes to this site cant wait

  4. nyce feet.
    loved the 3rd pic
    there was a tv show 'bout a girl searching for a killer whale.
    she was always barefoot.
    the show's name is (Nanatsu no Umi no Tiko)
    hope u can take some caps of'er feet
    note to match25: not getting killed by amazon lilly is so worth it so u could worship'er fet longer

  5. Alright, these pics friggn prove that the creator has a foot fetish, other wise there would not be a whole island of barefoot woman

    Anyways, my personal favorite of this series was the kick pov. I wouldn't mind being kicked around by her ^_^

  6. Amazing update, as always. Amazons are awesome. Barefoot Amazons are double awesome. Barefoot Amazons drop-kicking their soles into the camera- OMG. ^_^ Gotta have more of this! Great stuff, guys!!!

  7. Bad news, bad news and good news for those anxiously awaiting some Boa Hancock action in One Piece: They stretched out some chase scenes in this week's episode, so they haven't gotten to her bedroom scenes yet. There's no episode next week, either, so we've got even more time to wait.

    On the plus side, we almost got a close-up in the preview, and the animation for the next episode looks top notch.

  8. Worry not, Triton. My new interactive will get further off the ground soon enough. And since this is my story, I will personally see to it that all the tickling chapters involving feet that you read will be the best. :)

  9. Great update :)

    I was wondering if you can post up my site link. It's a youtube channel where I put up the videos I film (I actually have some models). If it doesn't fit into this site then thats ok D:.


    Nice Karuhi feet inlatest Naruto chapter

  11. Loving the massive spotlight. Thanks for putting me in it, the $5 will now be wired to your bank account. :)

  12. Thanks guys.

    To Mhar: Thanks for letting me know about that anime, I'll see if I can find it.

    To Breakthewalls: Yeah those are my favorite shots too.

    To Sole Keeper: I totally agree

    To Adam: Thanks for letting me know about the status of the upcoming scenes. I'm really looking forward to Boa Hancock's feet too. ^_^

    To Kyle: I'm really looking forward to that DW.

    To Kerpal1031: Sure I'll be happy to link you. I'll post it with my next entry.

    To Rexy640421: Thanks very much for that hot picture. Naruto girls feet rock.

    To Torborg: Glad you liked these spotlights. ;-)

  13. But don't expect me to do all the work. I'm nobody's typewriting monkey.

  14. That typewriting monkey line cracks me up every time I hear it. :-D It's your interactive DW. Please don't feel any any pressure. Only add what you want, when you want and if you want to. ^_^

  15. seeing the blond amazon barefoot more often in the show would be great and i have a feeling im not going to be disapointed