Saturday, July 25, 2009

Labryrinth of Flames: Natsu (Bonus)

Another Quick bonus for tonight...a hot domination scene from the series Labryrinth of Flames.

(A massive Thank You to Femdom Expert BreakTheWalls for tracking down this hot scene on youtube. Awesome man!!)

Poor guy getting scissored by a sexy schoolgirl till he turns blue. ;-P At least he got to stare at her feet in the process. ^_^ I haven't had the chance to see this anime yet but judging from its name and the above looks really hot.

Ok...while I have your attention (or at least Natsu does :-D), here are a couple of spotlights for the week.

As much as I would love to catch my breath after mega-posting the spotlights last week...the continuing tidal wave of great writing forces me to release back to back spotlights segments. ^_^Actually to tell you the truth I'm really thrilled to be able to do this. Nice writing everyone!!

Kicking off this week's column is Comic Book Women's Feet
:-D Even if I didn't have a vested interest in this story...when an interactive receives 5 awesome chapters involving Supergirl and Batgirl's feet in one week, its almost guaranteed to be featured here. The authors Mr. Cool and Breakthewalls really outdid themselves this week managing (in addition to working on their own interactives to) create really hot storylines involving you getting "punished" by the girl of steel or getting to give the sexy red headed crimefighter a foot massage. O_O up is Breakthewalls' brand new interactive Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion.
Basically the concept of this story is that the main character (you) discovers a mansion allowing you to live out your fetish fantasies with various Anime, Cartoon, Videogame, Comic Book and Celebrity women. I'm actually working on the Catherine Ironfist thread (mad props to anyone who knows who that is) in this story but so far my favorite threads involve Nami's, Jaina Proudmore's and the WWE Divas' feet written by Shanks, Breakthewalls and Vincanity respectively. ^_^

In addition to those hot stories, the author Mr Cool went all out this week adding to several of his interactives including a really hot set of chapters to the Anime Face Massage Therapy interactive ( involving Misty dominating you with her feet. A chapter involving your Sister's friend torturing you with her size 12 feet for the Beneath Your Big Sister's Smelly Feet interactive. ( There's also a great new chapter there by the author Mrcool213 involving the feet of another friend of your sister named Amanda that I really enjoyed reading as well. As if those stories weren't enough, In addition to that Mr. Cool added a really awesome thread involving becoming Yugioh duelist Tea's footslave to his the Smell of her feet interactive. (

Another interactive that I continued to enjoy this week was Soul Calibur Shrink story by Shanks ( which continued some of the really awesome threads involving Xianghua and Talim's feet as well as added some new threads involving Siegfried being a footslave to Hilde and Cassandra using Talim as a foot toy. Definitely check these chapters out if you have the time. ^_^
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- addition to those awesome stories, I added in some new site links in the sidebar for you guys to enjoy including a new favorite interactive story (which I talked a little about above) and a brand new Smelly feet related blog from Foot Fetish author and Legend Melroser76 himself. (This one's going to be off the charts!!!! :-D)

All right...enjoy the rest of your weekend guys and as usual...more to come soon!!!


  1. I love this scene, it had scissors and barefeet, the best of both worlds ^_^

  2. Definitely an awesome combination. Thanks again for it BTW. ^_^

  3. wow i don't know if the guy in the picture is lucky or unlucky. awesome pics as always

  4. Haha! I remember this anime. It's from the guy who does the AIka series; fortunately this has more barefoot scenes. Pretty zany OAV (I think this is about 2 eps), I wish it was longer.
    As for AIka, it's such a guilty pleasure, I just wished they had more barefoot scenes in it... it would have been perfect.
    Anyway, great stuff as always!

  5. what a way to go, i bet everyone here if they had to chose a way to die between a pair of lovely feet would be it

  6. Heh, you got that right Match!ta

  7. I wish I were him, even IF I were choking.

  8. You should check out the ninja from Labyrinth of Flames. She may wear long stockings and ninja sandals, but still worth the time XD

  9. Thanks guys. I totally agree with you about happily enduring a scissor just to be that up close and personal with her barefeet.

    @Sole Keeper O_O I'll have to check AIka out. Btw for some reason blogger isn't letting me comment on your blog anymore but I really enjoyed your Asuka bonus very much.

    @Melroser76 O_O There's a ninja girl? I guess I have to watch this one. ^_^

  10. just dont forget about that other "martial arts" girl again KSC

  11. Yeah she's definitely too hot to miss posting again. ^_^

  12. that guy is unlucky only because he cant see or feel the soles of her feet. but shes so hot at least he can get close