Monday, August 31, 2009

Jessie/Jessilinda (Updated)

Update: Added some extra shots from Juancho including some closeups on Jessie's toes and one more massage picture. O_O

Well, I'm still working on the megabonus...but instead it is time to Prepare for trouble. Yup here's a villainess tribute to team rocket's Jessie. Enjoy guys!!

Those are some really lucky kids getting to give Jessie a massage like that. ^_^

(These were capped from various episodes of Pokemon including an arc involving her Jessilinda costume. A huge thanks to Juancho for finding and capping this set of episodes for me including the episodes "Camping it up!", "Up Close and Personable!", "Ghoul Daze!" and "One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!". I also tossed in a couple of shots from Otakuphrenia as well.)

Just in case you guys haven't had you fill of this hottie's feet is some more of the sexy Team Rocket bad girl.

One of the great things about Jessie, is that she is a master of diguise. When one of her costumes involves her in sandals and glasses, it no doubt makes for some really happy foot fetishists. :-) She actually wears this "Jessilinda" disguise for a couple of episodes. ^_^ It's also nice to see a hot woman enjoy a foot massage. I think like the rest of the villainesses, using her feet to dominate people seems to come naturally to her. Lucky for us. :-D

Wow how many redheaded villainesses have we seen so far? I guess writers and animators a lot love redheaded bad girls. ^_^

Ok next up...we're gonna take a short break from to villainess bonus to tribute this month's poll winner (speaking of which last chance to vote in the current poll everybody). However, more villainess action to come soon!!

For now KSC's blasting off again.... ....*ding*


  1. mmm so many villainesses so little time

  2. yeah this villainess special is a lot bigger than i thought it would be

  3. I agree with you Match, oh, so many to tend to! I can imagine them all ganging me at once though; that would be devilishly delightful. lol

    On a more related note, besides her pigtailed hairdo, this is one of Jessie's more interesting outfits. Excellent find KSC!

  4. Nice work on this KSC.

    I would love it if Jessie dominated me with her feet ^_^

  5. Thanks guys. ^_^

    The scary part is that I haven't even gone through half the villainesses that I was intending to cover yet. ^_^ At this rate I might be stuck worshipping these villainess' feet forever. ^_^;

    Thanks Ayane Matrix. The idea of all these villainesseses ganging up on someone at once does sound really enjoyable.

    Yeah I'd love Jessie to dominate me with her feet too Breakthewalls. ^_^

  6. Don't forget about that Slopoke-centered episode back in the Johto series.

  7. O_O I'll try to find those Sffan. ^_^

  8. That would be "Enlighten Up!" :D Actually sffan had requested it since the Misty bonus.

    I must say there could be even more sparse scenes with Jessie wearing sandals (often in oriental costumes), and I think she appears in a Greek outfit in the 12th movie, but the scenes I've focused on searching were close-ups of the newest episodes ^_^

    Jessie's feet must smell like strawberries.

  9. O_O That was the slowpoke episode? I was actually looking for that episode to cap for this bonus but I couldn't find a good version of it.

    I'll keep searching for it. ^_^

  10. ok...that made me so happy. Jessie might be one of my favorite villainesses