Friday, October 2, 2009

Lyn Coming up!!

Hi guys...sorry for the delay in posting Lyn's bonus. I was out late tonight celebrating my Birthday. ^_^ She should be up pretty soon. I'm actually working on her now. :-D

As for my mailbox overload...I'm still working on solving the problem guys. Spent the morning cleaning it out. Right now I'm still about 300 messages over the limit though so I still can't receive any new messages yet.

On the plus side cleaning it out helped me remember some story ideas from way back when so I might be posting some new chapters pretty soon.

Have a great evening everyone!! ^_^


  1. Happy birthday KSC, so share it with us with more villainess feet to worship hehehe

  2. No rush! Happy Birthday KSC. Just curious but, how old are you?

  3. Happy Birthday KSC, glad you liked my present :D

    More story idea's eh, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve :D

  4. Found some more barefoot scenes from Kim Possible, and even some with Monique.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Also, I don't know if you've seen Bleach: Fade to Black, but it has some pretty epic scenes of Rukia barefoot, especially towards the end.

  6. Yes, very good finds P

    In fact those finds also remind me of a Kim Possible episode with barefoot shots as well, the episode Oh Boyz.

    I would normally provide the link but youtube seems to be having problems right now >_<

  7. Alright, now that youtube's back up, here's the link


    No barefoot Kim unfortunately , but there's a barefoot Monique and a barefoot Tara :)

  8. Thanks very much for the Birthday wishes everyone. ^_^

    More villainess feet to worship coming up Match. ^_^ 21 villainess left gonna do some back to back posts this week.

    Thanks J. Let's just say that I'm in my 20's. Boy I feel pretty old. ^_^;

    Thanks again BreakTheWalls. One of the best birthday presents ever. ^_^

    O_O Awesome pictures P. Wow both Kim and Monique. Thanks very much for them. Love the fact that she's painting her toenails.

    O_O Thanks very much Adam. Working on capping the scenes for that movie now. It might take me a little while to post but I'll add these into a megatribute for Rukia.

    Wow great scene involving Monique BTW. Looks like a new wave of Kim Possible tributes are in order. Thanks very much for it.