Monday, October 12, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Sasha (Bonus)

Ok this next villainess up is the seductive leader of the reapers Sasha from the new PS3 game Infamous.

(These webfinds of artwork promoting the new PS3 game as well as the clips below come directly from the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself.)

Sasha is about as evil as they come taking global terrorism to the extreme and using toxic sludge to turn humans into her reaper slaves. She really seems to relish total destruction and torturing/humiliating her unfortunate victims. Possessing some serious Psychic power, physical enhanced strength, and the ability to control minds, she is a very risky villain to go up against. If that wasn't dangerous enough, Sasha is fully aware of how sexy she is and uses the fact that she's an attractive female character to attempt to seduce the player throughout the game. Should you wind up in the apocalyptic future this game is set'd best be on your guard for this bad girl or you might wind up as her love slave before you realize what is happening.

The really nice thing about the Infamous videogame is that the player has the ability to chose whether he wishes to be good or evil. Depending on the choices the main character makes, Sasha will either be an enemy or ally. As an added incentive to pursue the course of evil...Sasha is there to guide you through some of the crueler missions in the game flirting with you the entire time. Talk about a reason to turn to the dark side. ^_^

Just to help you guys fully appreciate how evil, manipulative, and seductive she is, here are a couple of clips involving Sasha at her best. ^_^ looks like we're reaching the light at the end of the villainess tunnel. ^_^ 17 more villainesses left and on that note...more to come soon.


  1. It it me or does she remind you of Kerrigan as well?

    She kind of has a Kerrigan like look to her (If that makes any sense) and the fact that both of them are strong, psychic (Which I love by the way ;) ) and more or less know how hot they are (Well not so much the "Queen of Blades" Kerrigan but her human form did, just ask Raynor ;) ).

    Then again.....I could just be imagining things.....

  2. For starters, she's vile, sexy, and barefoot all the time! Yay! And, while it looks weird, she either is covered in or exudes sticky crude, which appears to be used as pants in an odd way.

    And yes, she does remind me quite a bit of Kerrigan, which might have even been her design inspiration.

    What's not to like? :D It also makes it all the more interesting to as I was on the fence about the game, and I'll probably be getting that as soon as I can afford to.

  3. Heh, glad that I'm not the only one :D

    Kerrigan seems to be quite the inspiration when it comes to villainesses :D (I personally think that Kerrigan did inspire look of Sasha and the character and orgin of Sylvannas)

  4. maybe thats why i like her so much, she does strike me as a more seductive version of Queen Kerrigan

  5. That she does Match25.

    And to top it off, I'd give her foot massages or pretty much anything off of the recent foot positions pole besides being a foot cleaner. That pretty much seems like that would never work out right since she seems to be be perpetually covered in tar, but she'd probably have some crazed delight in torturing me in that manner. lol

    Oh well... :p She still doesn't beat Medusa in my fave villain category though.

  6. actually that tar is called Black Tar, its actually a mind control hallucinogen she creates via her powers, makes you wonder how she was able to get so many guys to turn into her Reapers hehehe.

    Though true i would love to see her legs not covered in it

  7. hmm... a cruel and sadistic barefoot villainess with mind-control powers... sign me up! ^^

  8. Oh yeah BreakTheWalls...she reminded me a lot of Kerrigan too. I was actually planning to post the two of them back to back but I was worried that if I got those two in the same room for a tribute...those two would get into a psychic catfight with me getting trampled in the middle. ^_^;

    She's definitely an acquired taste Vayne. :-)

    Yeah Ayane Matrix. It's definitely nice to have a villainess who is barefoot all the time. I love how sexy they make her too. Her voice actress did an awesome job. I been saving up for this game as well. It looks like a lot of fun. ^_^

    You have to wonder if she coded her feet in the mind control agent knowing she could get a lot of people to absorb it Match. :-)

    Love sadistic barefoot Villainesses too Bunny. ^_^

  9. Try to put some pictures of feet from the anime To Love Ru, I know I have pictures, but places more.

  10. we already have a lot posted but send them to me and i will look over them

  11. I still can't get over that manga scene involving Haruna. *Starts fantasizing*

  12. ah yes, i was drooling to when i found it KSC, and nearly going into a coma when i found someone colored it

  13. I have no idea what you two are talking about but I want in cause it sounds hot!


    there you go BtW

  15. *drool* Hot! no wonder you guys are still talking about this!

    I would so kiss them :D