Sunday, October 25, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Sakurako Miyagawa

Ok closing into the final week of the villainess is a tribute to o the antagonist from Ayane's High Kick...Sakurako Miyagawa.

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from the OAV anime series Ayane's High Kick. A huge thanks to Femdom/Scissor Expert Breakthewalls for this hot fighter.)

I think most of us would really enjoy going a couple rounds with this sexy kickboxer. While this girl's most devastating moves lie in her powerful punches, Sakurako definitely knows how to place her kicks with precision accuracy. A few kicks from those gorgeous legs of hers will leave an opponent bruised, sore and at her mercy. This girl is also an expert at using her kicks to taunt an opponent causing them to come within range of her most brutal attacks. Of course with such nice feet to look at...who wouldn't be tempted to approach her. ;-) Another thing femdom fans or foot fetishist might like to note is that she's the rich spoiled type. I bet she really enjoys humiliating her opponents too by rubbing her feet in their face after she beats them. :-D

Ok with six days till the Halloween finale and a lot of villainesses demanding looks like I have my work cut out for me. Ah so many feet to worship, so little time.

Until Next Time!!


  1. does this bring back memories. kind of depressing the anime only had 2 eps

  2. I would love for her use her legs on me....but it's not kicking ;)

    I would love it if she would use that certain hold on me into worshiping her sexy rich bitch feet ;)

  3. This is actually kinda of a double bonus since we gpt Sakurako and Ayane in the same pictures.

  4. Yeah Match...I would have loved to see this anime continue a little bit further.

    Her long legs would definitely be perfect for scissoring BTW.

    Thanks Iceninja. ^_^

    It's true P. :-) I'll probably post more of Ayane in the future as well.

  5. what happened to the post of that avatar episode where some kind of a queen is holding something between her toes is a cap sequence?

  6. This?

    It's still up.

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  8. Ok...I'll do my best to keep your assists a secret. ^_^

    It might take me a little while to edit such entries and hide said comments since I have to do a bit of searching for them. Just give me a few days.

  9. This?

    It's still up.


    yes, precisely that one,

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