Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Astronema last Power Ranger villainess for you guys. The beautiful Astronema from Power Rangers in space. Sadly no pedicure scene involving her...but it definitely helps that her actress is a model. :-D

(Ok...a lot of webfinds of Astronema's actress Melody Perkins but there are a couple of caps involving the Power Ranger In Space episodes. I took a very rare scene involving her in sandals in her human form from the episode "Date with Danger" as well as a few facial shots from the episode "Dark Spector's Revenge".)

I have to say Astronema is one of the hotter Ranger villainesses. The nice thing about posting this bad girl is that after Astronema reforms, she has a brief stint as the pink Ranger in Power Rangers Lost you guys are getting Ranger girl's feet as well. If that was enough for interesting sidenote is that Melody Perkins (who does an awesome job playing this femme fatale btw ^_^) also plays an evil witch in the series "Charmed" making this bonus two villainess for the price of one. O_O

Not counting the original series (which I'm guessing is everybody's favorite), Power Rangers in space is arguably one of the better seasons of the series involving a memorable cast of villains including Astronema, Darconda, Ecliptor and Dark Spectre. These characters really made the show adding their own distinct personalities into the mix and bringing the series to its ultimate climax plotwise. ^_^

As a villainess, Astronema was really dominant and spoiled. I think she is the type that would enjoy dominating her minions or captives with her feet. ;-) She was so badass as a villainess in fact that even after she reformed, Dark Spectre (the ultimate villain in the show) made special arrangements in to have her brainwashed to the side of evil again. When I was watching the series the first time around, seeing Astronema return to the side of evil really was one of the more dramatic moments in the show because her reformation had been so believable.

Eventually it all worked out in the end but not without a dramatic set of fight scenes. If you guys have a really should check this season of Power Rangers out, (most of the episodes are available on Youtube), it really is an intense watch.

Ok have a good night everyone and more villainess action to come soon!!
(Which in this case stands for Karone's Sole Cleaner)


  1. Good pics of her, she's quite a beauty!

  2. yeah and the webfinds were great i dont think even i couldve found that many of her

  3. Thanks guys. ^_^ We really lucked out with her actress being a Landsend model leading to few swimsuit and pajama shots of her being available. :-D

  4. Very nice pics KSC. I always did like her the best ^_^

  5. Thanks BTW. ^_^ She's definitely really cute.

  6. Too True, I would love for her to rub her feet on my face ^_^

    Oh, how bout we get a start on that odds table ;)

  7. Oh yeah...well barring any massive changes this time around...

    It would be:
    Dawn 1 to 1
    Nami 2 to 1 (If I had placing odds the first week, I would have picked her as the person most likely to win this)
    Toph 4 to 1 (Considering what type of poll this is she definitely was a huge contender for Tomboy Queen)
    Ten Ten 6 to 1 (Not nearly as heavy a hitter as Sakura, Ino *sighs dreamily* or Hinata might be but she does have the powerhouse that is the Naruto anime on her side)
    Tatsuki 10 to 1 (I expected this hottie to provide more competition than she's been doing so far considering the anime she's in)
    Sakura 10 to 1 (I don't see her pulling off a win this late in the poll but she is a really is a great tomboy)
    Yuffie 12 to 1 (Final Fantasy 7 while still popular doesn't pack enough of a punch)
    Lita 15 to 1 (Sailor Moon just seems so long ago)
    Kagura 20 to 1 (It was a long shot putting her in but she's a great tomboy. I'm glad there are a few Azumanga Daioh hardcore fans out there though)
    Eileen 25 to 1 (Poor girl was completely outmatched from the get go. Even without seeing how the votes stacked up now. I had her or possibly Kagura pegged to finish in last place.)

  8. Finally....though it's so late XD


    Dawn: 1-1 (I'm actually surprised about this one...since her status as a tomboy are debatable)

    Nami: 3-1 (This sexy pirate has always been a heavy hitter, no matter what poll she's in)

    Toph: 5-1 ( If we started this thing from the get-go like we usually do, I would have put her in the 1-1 category)

    Ten-Ten: 5-1 (She is from Naruto after all)

    Tatsuki: 9-1 ( Well, she could be doing better.....)

    Yuffie: 12-1 ( I'm surprised actually, I would think she would be on of the top contenders in this poll)

    Lita: 16-1 (Poor Lita.....she should be getting more, but I guess SM isn't as popular as the current franchises)

    Kagura: 20-1 (A rather obsecere pick but she seems to have her own cult following)

    Eileen: 30-1 (She may have the scissor move and cool monkey fighting style, but that doesn't help her in the fact that Virtual Fighter is one of the lessor fighting game franchises and she is relatively unknown as well...)

  9. Well, I'm saddened that Eileen was in dead last in this poll, she's so cute and her fighting attire practically SCREAMS look at her feet when you get the right setup. Also, the game's status is not in question as it's one of the better fighting games on the market, but it gets fewer version updates when compared to Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, or Tekken.

    I'll go cry in my corner now and massage mistress Medusa's feet for a while to calm down. ;-.-;

  10. I dont know why, but the first picture reminds me of the computer girl from Criminal Minds

  11. Great set of odds Breakthewalls. ^_^

    Oh yeah Eileen is definitely really cute Ayane Matrix. She's still a relatively new character so her fanbase probably just needs to develop a bit more. :-) I also have to say that that's an awesome way of calming down. ;-)

    Hmm...that's an interesting comparison Match. I always thought that in her human form she reminded me a lot of the Australian Pink Ranger Kat.In fact if they stood next to each other I would have a very hard time telling who was who.

  12. KSC, it most definitely is a great way to calm down, but even so, Medusa is the one benefiting from massages more so than I am. Then again, being able to have my hands on her sexy feet and toes would be more than enough. ;)

    And I totally forgot to comment on the images you posted! D'oh! While as a villain, her costume leaves a lot to be desired, but her human form, and the actress herself modeling, is certainly cute. Many kudos for finding images relating to her when the villain didn't reveal her feet on her own. lol

  13. Thanks Ayane Matrix. I actually had to join a Melody Perkins fan group to nab some of these barefoot pictures of her but it was well worth it. :-D