Monday, October 5, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Sarah Kerrigan

The downside about including a villainess in an opinion poll is that they tend to take out their anger on me if they don't win. Because of wasn't a huge surprise that shortly after I announced last month's results...I was promptly abducted by the Zerg. After spending the last few days being "tortured" at the feet of the Queen of Blades and begging for mercy, she final released me after I promised her a tribute that would make all who see it think "Lyn who?"

(Various webfinds including caps of her future voice actress Tricia Helfer who also played an Alien villainess in Battlestar Galactica.)

So why do you belong at Kerrigan's feet? Let's face it she's better than any of us in every possible way. She's smarter and more cunning then any of us could even dream of being. The psychic power she wields could topple even the largest mountain. Her physical prowess in battle is unmatched and her beauty exceeds the radiance of 1000 suns. This Queen knows that her destined role is as the ruler of the universe and as such will treat you as you deserve to treated...a slave that barely deserves the honor of gazing as her feet.

As the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match 25 pointed out...Kerrigan even made IGN's top 10 memorable villains joining the likes of Sephiroth, Dracula and Wesker.
It's not even a question of whether you want to be there or not...just accept your rightful place beneath this Alien Queen's soles.

Ok...20 villainesses left to post and I'm aiming to get to all of them before the end of october. On that note more to come soon.
(which now stands for Kerrigan's Sole Cleaner)

P.S I'm still working on clearing out my mailbox so I can receive mail again but its going slowly. I still have about 250 messages left to go.


  1. I, my Queen's loyal Cerebrate, wishes to comment she is pleased with this turnout. Because of this you will all will become mindless pawns in the least painful way possible instead of food for her Broods as originally intended.

  2. *Breathes a sigh of relief* Please thank the Queen for being so merciful.

  3. NIce. I really like Kerrigan. One on the best villainesses ever ^_^

    I would love be at her feet

  4. i still have over a thousand messages to go. they really shouldve warned us about this.

  5. Thanks Breakthewalls. ^_^

    Yeah I totally agree with you Mr. E. I can't fault WDC for deciding to take a gift back but a little advanced notification would have been really nice. I hope cleaning out your mailbox goes smoothly for you. ^_^

  6. Welcome KSC ^_^

    Did you get my e-mail about Jaina's voice actress :D

  7. Yeah Breakthewalls. I can't believe who does the voice for Jaina. That's really awesome.

  8. I don't know if any reads the Star Wars novels, but there is a great character of a girl named Tahiri Veila, a nice looking blonde Jedi that openly admits hates shoes and prefers being barefoot all the time.

    Since Tahiri is mostly seen in the novels, here's some fine fanart of her I found:

    And everybody can readied about her on this info page.

  9. Very interesting character, thanks for sharing her P ^_^

  10. O_O The leader of the barefoot squadron herself. Those pictures are really awesome P. Thank you so much for her.

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  12. No prob, and here's more Kim Possible stuff with the first episode of the series called tick tick tick starts at 2:00 of this video and onward.

    And this episode called that Twin Factor at the very beginning after the opening credit and onward with some Bonnie as well

    And this one with one at 0:38 and at 1:28

  13. Wow these Kim Possible scenes are great P. Nice to see Bonnie barefoot as well. Thanks very much for all your help P. I really appreciate it alot.

  14. P, am i to believe you are taking attention away from Queen Kerrigan, she will not be pleased (lol)

  15. To KSC: No prob, doing the best I can to deliver the goods.

    To Match 25: what can I say, I'm bit of a loose cannon.