Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Status Update

Hi everyone.
Sorry for the slow amount of updates this week. Had two exams for school I needed to focus on. Sometimes juggling between work, graduate school, massaging villainess feet and blogging can really rough. ^_^; Anyway, the good new is that I have both those exams out of the way now giving me time to give the remaining villainesses some attention. Anyway I'll try and post the next entry tommorow. Anyway I just wanted to keep you guys posted on how things are going.

Have a good night guys!!


  1. just dont keep hogging all of those villainess feet you yourself

  2. Now maybe you can visit my blog. I don't have many visitors,Y'know.

  3. i got some good chapters when you get back form studying.

  4. KSC studying? That's something unheard of.

  5. :-) I'll try Match. Though with the villainesses we have left...it's extremely tempting.

    Yeah I'll stop by soon Stefan.

    O_O I'm looking forward to reading them Mr. E.

    *Laughs* It's been known to happen on occasion Kyle.

  6. Just found your comment amusing. ^_^

  7. Sometimes an observational comment can be more amusing than a joke ever could. ^_^