Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Nadira

Ok...let's do a couple of power ranger villainesses. ^_^ First up is the bad girl Nadira from Power Rangers Time Force who takes off her boots for a pedicure and a walk on the beach. Enjoy guys!!

(These are from the Power Rangers Time Force episodes "Ransik Lives" and "Nadira's Dream Date". The actress who plays Nadira is Kate Sheldon. Massive thank you to Juancho for finding these really awesome scenes. ^_^)

The really nice thing about the Power Rangers series is that they usually have an attractive villainess to stare at every season but having one of them take off their boots doesn't happen nearly often enough. This toenail painting scene and beach moment involving this femme fatale was definitely a really rare treat.

As a villainess, Nadira tends to be exceptionally spoiled. She really loves jewelry and seems to only care about herself. One interesting quality about her is that having watched a lot of romance films on TV, she's interested in finding a boyfriend who would cater to her every whim (including give her expensive jewelery, flowers, the occasional foot rub etc). She loves Poetry too. Needless to say dating her would be a lot of work. The nice thing about Nadira is that she changes towards the end of the series and begins to care about people other then herself. Eventually she reforms completely and becomes a good person. I really admire that type of growth in a character and she earns my respect in the Time Force finale. Even reformed, I think that Nadira's spoiled background guarantees that she would really enjoy a foot rub a lot so you guys have a choice over which version of her you like better. ^_^

Ok I just want to make a quick announcement on the author Howdyboy's behalf. Recently his account got deleted and he lost all the interactive stories that he developed. For those of you who don't know Howdyboy's work included Memoirs of a Young Foot Fetishist, I Dream of Genie's Feet, Camping of a Young Foot Fetish, Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish stories and a couple of other really great interactives. He's working hard to rebuild his interactives from scratch but its a really daunting task. It would be a huge help to him if any authors that added to his work in the past re-added their chapters. New authors are welcome (and in fact encouraged) to add to his stories as well. Right now he's restarted his Kingdom Hearts Story again here:
He's also planning to reopen his other stories too. Also I know it's a longshot but in the past other authors have saved copies of interactives stories on their hard drive. Does anyone reading this have a copy of his stories available? Thanks for your help everyone.

Ok...16 more villainesses left to go. Which villainess will make the cut? Can I manage to post all of them before the month closes out? Which villainess feet are best to worship? The answer to all of those questions are coming up as villainess month continues. ;-)

Go Go Power Rangers!!


  1. Nice posts KSC, Nadira is a cutie, I personally prefer he evil version. Gives more potential for foot and scissor domination ;)

    And I'm glad that you put out the message to help our disenfranchised friend :(

    Oh and you couldn't have ended this thing any more cheesier, just to let you know

  2. shes really hot at the beach. i didnt recognize her at first

  3. very nice, got to love a villianess that enjoys the beach and foot rubs.

    Though i do have to play the wet blanket KSC as this is a anime feet blog, and she technically isnt an animated character, the others have past through because they are voice actors of the said character.

    Also i have to bring this up. Though everyone knows i am a die hard Nami fan and would love to see more of her lovely feet, she and Dawn technically arent tomboys

  4. This anime series has a cute pink-hair girl that is close, but nicely barefooted

  5. Well, regardless if she's a cartoon character or not, she's still got one hell of a pair of feet! *drool*

    Any chance there's a link of any of these scenes on youtube or some site where they can be at least watched?

  6. That's true Breakthewalls Evil = Dominant. ^_^ Hee hee...yeah I was going for Power Rangers Cheesy this time round. :-)

    Thanks Mr. E

    She tortured me and dominated me with her feet until I agreed to post her Match. Also the word anime is currently crossed out and being trampled by Medusa at the moment :-D.

    I always thought Nami had a lot of tomboy qualities to her...short hair, likes acting wild, energetic etc. Dawn might be a stretch though.

    O_O I have to check this anime out...thanks very much for it P.

    Oh yeah Ayane are the links to the episodes on Megavideo
    Ransik Lives (first villain scene towards the beginning...I think its a couple minutes into the episode)

    Nadira's Dream Date (Towards the end of the episode)

  7. true i have sometimes thought of Nami as a Tomboy, but a key part is a tomboy usually dresses to cover their bodies where as Nami doesnt mind exposing herself to others (and charges per view of course, would we have that money loving girl any other way lol). Not to mention she is into a lot of girly things like fashion


    (OK. So we meet again, after all.)

  9. O_O Thanks very much for these archives Chris. Wow you managed every single one of them.

    Once again you're a total life saver. :-)

  10. but if one would see it in a different light, one could say she was the best of both words LOL

  11. Excellent work Chris!

    Ummm.....if I may request you to also save my interactive on the site....though, you don't have to if you don't want to that is....

  12. jennifer carpenter's soles (00:15-00:17)
    carpenter never went barefoot b4 so this is really rare... this scene is from dexter (shrink wrap) episode
    could u do me a favor n cap those for me
    u'll find more hot sole shots if u found the whole vid

  13. [@KSC] You're unfailingly polite, one of the genuine 'good guys' in our scene. I couldn't refuse the request.

    [@BtW] You're covered. Monitoring just shy of 400 interactives, daily - because close to 150 have gone under since I started tracking. If it's a WDC interactive related to tickling or feet, there's a good chance I've got it backed up.

  14. Here's a video link of the nice looking barefoot babe named Mon Lon from the first Ranma 1/2 movie.

  15. Excellent find P, we need more barefoot villainesses like her :D

  16. true Deborah does have nice feet but she has a garbage compound for a mouth an extremely irrational temper. so overall her feet is the only good quality about her

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  18. oh and if you want to watch the episodes check out

  19. Forgive me Match, but who is Deborah?

  20. Had a busy day going into mid-manhattan looks like I have a lot of cool things to catch up on. ^_^

    Yeah Nami's definitely the best of both worlds Match. :-)

    Thanks again Chris. ^_^

    Thanks Mhar...I'll try to cap her.

    O_O Very hot barefoot villainess P. Thanks for her.

    I'm guessing Deborah is the woman Mhar is talking about?...Thanks for the link Match.