Saturday, October 17, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Divatox

Been a very busy weekend so this is going to be a really quick one. Continuing with the Power Rangers Femme fatales...the next villainess up is the Space Pirate Divatox.

(First off...I'm really sorry about the quality of these caps. These are a combination of two Power Rangers Turbo episodes "Rally Ranger" and "Transmission Impossible". One involves Divatox receiving a pedicure and the other has her dominating one of the rangers allies by pinning him under her boot before she tortures him and turns him into her slave. The actress who plays Divatox in these episodes is Carol Hoyt who also plays Dmitria in the series as well.)

Despite what it might look like from these bonuses, Pedicure scenes involving the Power Ranger villainesses are actually pretty rare. Don't stop sending the producers foot scene request letters just yet. :-D

I really like Divatox a lot. Not only is she hot, intelligent, powerful, and dominating. She's also a great dresser as well wearing those shiny leather boots that just scream worship my feet. :-) She can make me her footslave any time.

Ok...I was hoping to have a new set of writing spotlights for you this weekend but that's still going to take me a little longer to get up. I also working on the last wave of villainesses.

Have a great weekend everyone. :-)


  1. MMPR was the best of all of them

  2. I agree whole heartedly Match....the only thing that it was lacking in was barefoot villainesses :(

    Anyways, these are nice finds KSC

  3. How she managed to get those claws for nails in her boots is a mystery, but oy, she is hot! :D Though, I'm still trying to figure out how I missed that scene when I used to watch that show many years ago. o.0?

    Nice find KSC!

  4. Here's a link to an image taken from the pages of Aquaman with a great scene of the new Aquagirl, unfortunely she isn't seen barefoot much in the pages of Teen Titans, but this one fine piece of art by the talented Pat Gleason

  5. Excellent find P

    She's very hot and she's also from San Diego, a huge bonus in my eyes :D

  6. Sorry for the slow responses exams and such.

    Yeah MMPR was my favorite of those series too. The Green Ranger rocked. I also really had a crush on the Pink Ranger Kimberly.

    I thought the same thing Ayane Matrix. Those nails are sharp.

    *Rolls eyes and shakes head at Kyle while supressing a giggle*

    O_O Awesome picture P. I really like Aquagirl. Thanks very much for her.

  7. I rmember power rangers. I loved the powerful, beautiful villainesses of those series. I used to imagine being held captive by the powerful women of that series before being rescued by the rangers ; I think this and other media were to my femdom fetish what the Willy Wonka blueberry scene was to inflation fetishists.

    And because its halloween soon I must also mention the film The Witches, which i saw when i was young. Witches are beutiful through magic, but in reality are bald and ala Nosferatu ugly. The one thing theycant hide though is the fact that they have no toes (sad). They dispise wearing shoes and find them unfcomfortable so the first thing they do when they arrive a t a world conference in london is take off their heels. A whole hall of beautiful, powerul arcane women in black stocking feet. :) When our titular boy hero has been turned into a rat and tries to escape, they all stamp furiously and try to crush him!

  8. O_O That sounds like a lot the daydreams I had during my childhood Rexy. I used to fantasize about the Power Ranger's women very often...especially the Pink Ranger Kimberly.

    O_O I remember seeing the Witches movie a long time ago. Classic film. :-)I'll try to look it up again.