Friday, October 7, 2011

Rosario + Vampire: Kokoa

Going to have to do a quick bonus for tonight. Continuing with the Rosario Vampire girl, here is a tribute to Kokoa the lead female character of the series' younger sister. :-D

(Various caps from the Rosario+Vampire anime. These barefoot scenes are from season 2 episode 6. Once again I have to give a massive thank you the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25, Halloween expert Lawliet and Libra for helping me find these scenes)

Unlike Moka who seals her powers away with the Rosario, Kokoa has her powers fully available to her all the time. Her vampire strength is really intimidating being able to take on all the main characters before being stopped by her sister releasing her true vampire strength. Moka being her older sister is stronger than her (at least without her Rosario on). Kokoa's personality tends to be pretty bratty. She's childish and selfish. She is always trying to get her sister to play with her. (Playing for Kokoa usually equals fighting. ^_^;) She doesn't like when her sister is sealed and is always trying to get unlock Moka's true vampire nature. Eventhough her sister is more agressive when her rosario is removed, Kokoa likes it because that is the sister that she recognizes. A lot of the problems in the shows second season are caused by her attempting to get her sister's vampire nature to be unlocked

Kokoa also has a bat assistant which transforms into whatever she needs such as huge hammer or ax which she uses to attack. As you guys probably notice by now, Rosario + Vampire is heavy on the fanservice though they do try to keep it PG 13 having comedic censors such as the bat or teddy bears.

I've seen DA comissions of her, so I know this girl is fairly popular. However, I like her older sister Moka a little bit better. They did give her feet a really nice close up in this episode though and she can be really cute. ^_^

One interesting trivia fact is that both Kokoa and Moka are both named for coffee drinks. There is a third sister in the Manga named Kahlua who doesn't appear in the anime. ^_^

Ok guys...that's going to do it for now. More Rosario + Vampire scenes to come soon. ^_^


  1. Cute and dominant red head :D. Would love to be dominated by her and worship her feet, as well as being scissored by her :D

  2. what is with these tsundere types?

  3. damn it get out of the way i wanna see her boobs!!!!!

  4. She looks so cute and moe and kawaii!

  5. :-D That would be really fun Breakthewalls. ^_^ Kokoa is really feisty.

    ^_^ Gee now that you bring it up...she is sort of like her sister in a way Match. Only Moka's Tsun and Dere sides wind up being separated by the Rosario.

    :-D They do like to tease the viewers in this anime quite a bit Kyle Jordan. Though the episode does show a little bit more of Kokoa's body than I felt comfortable posting. ;-)

    :-D She does look very cute Kingrpg. ^_^


    A new group you should check out.

  7. Aah, Kokoa. Can hardly believe it's been over two years since I requested a foot pic of her that I went on to tweak.

    A thigh-high wearer like Mizore and one of my favorite girls of the series, it was disappointing that not only did she miss the pool and beach episodes of season 1, but was also badly sidelined in the onsen episode of season 2. That one segment is pretty much all there is :(

  8. :-D Hot pictures Veroom. ^_^

    Yeah I would have really loved to see more of too. It's really sad that both Rosario + Vampire series were so short. I hope that there are more of them in the future. ^_^

  9. Ah, yes, Kokoa's one of my favorites. I've always had a thing for redheads, and how can you resist the Grade S? Although this is...certainly very good as well.

  10. :-D Redheads definitely rock Cyberchao. ^_^ I like Kokoa too..she's reall a feisty character. :-)